Israel Answers Palestinian Ransom Demands With Bombs

When Israel pulled out of the Gaza and gave it to the Palestinians I wrote a post and expressed that there would be bloodshed in the future. I expressed doubt that the Palestinians actually wanted peace, especially since they continued talking about Israel leaving in disgrace and that Israel should be eradicated. I was taken to task by Adam in a comment because I equated the Palestinians to terrorists (which they are):

Did it not occur to you that Palestinians were kicked off their land in that war you speak of? Israel occupies Palestine. Yes, it’s sad to have to go, but if it can bring peace and an end to blood shed it’s worth a try. Only fools like Big Dog miss the difference between terrorists and the people of the nations they work in.

Since the Palestinians had Arafat, a terrorist and have elected a Hamas government (another terrorist entity) it would seem that the Palestinians are in facts, terrorists. Only fools like Big Dog miss the difference but this fool was right on about the whole ordeal because as I write this Israel is ready to invade the Gaza because the Palestinians sneaked into Israel, killed two soldiers and kidnapped a third. They say they will kill the soldier and another innocent person who they abducted along the road. This is the NO difference that the Big Dog was able to see.

I predicted there would be bloodshed and that Israel would be forced into a confrontation in the Gaza because of the Palestinians. It appears that this is happening since Israel has bombed bridges to keep Hamas from taking the kidnapped soldier from the Gaza and they also bombed the power station removing most electrical power from the region as well. The Palestinians said that they would not return the soldier without Israel meeting its demands. Now, it looks like the Palestinians will be in dire straights from the bombings and the impending attack.

Israel is full of fierce warriors and they know how to defend themselves. They did not cave in to demands and went to full alert. They they crippled the enemy to deprive them of escape and power. When you consider that the water pumping stations in Gaza are run by electricity it is not hard to see that this will quickly become a humanitarian issue. As far as i am concerned the Palestinians had no business kidnapping the soldier or the civilian. They committed an act of aggression and now they will pay a very heavy price.

This time, the Israelis should attack and keep killing the Palestinians while driving them completely from the Gaza Strip. The Israelis should reclaim the land and dare anyone to take it back. They ceded the land back and they were attacked for it. They tried it the way the Arabs wanted and that did not work out so now it is time to try it the Israeli’s way. If this escalates into a full blown war we will hear the cries about how Israel is a bad country and all that crap. Before the bleeding hearts begin to sob they should remember that Israel was attacked first.

I like the way Israel gets into war posture fast and strikes the enemy. They do not play around with feel good ideas and try holding hands with the enemy. They attack the aggressor and kill it. If only we could adopt such a posture we might not have so many idiots willing to attack us. Selah.

No truth to the rumor that Jacob Murthastein from the Israeli party is calling for the immediate redeployment of Israeli forces.

Source: Access North GA

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