Islamic Rage Boy Redux

I wrote a quick piece earlier about the Gathering of Eagles. I plan on writing a big post on the experiences of the day and my take on the importance of the event. In the earlier item I indicated that there was a situation that could have gotten out of control and it involved a Muslim (probably a convert) who seemed to be attempting to become a “victim” like the Imams who were practicing terrorist acts on an airplane. Muslims love to incite something and then act like victims and CAIR loves to defend them. In this particular incident, problems could have escalated quickly and a lot of people would have been arrested. One Muslim would have been stomped flat on the sidewalk in the process. Here is how I saw things happen. An elderly veteran was standing along the sidewalk on Constitution near Henry Bacon Drive and he made a comment about Muslims and peace. I do not know what the comment was but I think it was in response to one of the signs the anti war crowd was carrying. In any event, this guy who was standing on the other side of the sidewalk got upset really quickly and wanted to defend his religion of peace. Here is the exchange as best as I remember it:

Muslim: I’m a Muslim what you have to say about that?
Vet: I’m a hog farmer from the Mid West.
Muslim: F**k you. You want to die today old man?
Vet: If it is my day to go I’m OK with it.
Muslim (stepping up nearly nose to nose with vet): So what you sayin’ is you want to die. I just want you to raise one hand and I am going to beat your cracker ass all over the place.
Vet: Really nigger, well go ahead and try.
Muslim: Go ahead, raise one hand cracker and I am going to kill you right here. I will kill your cracker ass right here.
Vet: I’m not raising a hand nigger, that is what you want. Go eat some pork somewhere why don’t you?

At this point I stepped between them and told them both that we were not there to fight. I told the Muslim to go back where he was and we were where we belonged. I kept telling the old vet that we do not want to give him a reason to say he is a victim and that there were too many cameras that would film it and show it out of context. We would end up looking like a bunch of bigots while the MSM ignored the racial attack that was started by him. Other vets stepped up and reinforced the idea. The Muslim went back tot he fence and then he walked around the line and ended up behind the vet.

Muslim: Here I am old man. What you gonna do? You still got shit to say.
Vet: Yeah, you want a bacon sandwich? (Reaches into pocket and pulls bacon sandwich wrapped in a napkin out and unwraps it).
Muslim (recoiling like Dracula seeing a Cross): Very funny cracker. We’re gonna see how funny this is when I kill your ass. I ain’t afraid of you mother fu**kers.

A police officer arrives and looks at the Muslim. The Muslim is instructed to leave and go back down the street and away from the veterans. The Muslim goes back to where he was a few feet from us.

Muslim (to no one in particular): I am gonna kick that Mother fu**ers ass. I will send him home in a body bag. People think they can mess with me. I’m a man and I ain’t afraid of these sorry mother fu**ers.
Woman with vets: Why are you here causing trouble. What kind of man goes around threatening to kill people.
Muslim: I ain’t afraid of you. [steps into the middle of the crowd of veterans taunting them]. You all ain’t sh*t. I am here and I ain’t afraid.
Big Dog: We do not need to give him a reason to say we attacked him. He is trying to provoke us. There are too many cameras here and he knows it.
Woman: Some man.
Muslim: You look like a man yourself.

The conversation wound down after an exchange of words. Then a few people with microphones walked over to asked the Muslim a few questions and interview him. As I was passing, I heard him use the words kick somebody’s ass to the interviewer.

This entire incident could have really gotten ugly and I have no doubt the Muslim guy would have been killed. There were untold numbers of veterans of all ages who were more than willing to stomp this guy into a puddle of goo. This guy wanted to provoke a response and he wanted to exploit that response. He would love to be able to call CAIR and the MSM and complain how he, as an American Muslim, was singled out and mistreated by a bunch of baby-killing vets while he peacefully strolled along the street in pursuit of happiness and oneness with Allah. The MSM and CAIR would have bought this hook, line, and sinker and the vets acts, though they would have been justified) would have been used against them by those who want to believe that we are a bad nation. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed but this guy should be thanking Allah that there were so many cameras around or he might not have made it.

My friends Potfry and Buckley at The Nose on Your Face (TNOYF), have come up with a little symbol and they call him Islamic Rage Boy. I thought of Islamic Rage Boy when this broke out because of the way the Muslim acted. He went from standing by the fence to full blown rage in the time it took to cross a sidewalk. He was out of control and his response was much greater than one would have expected for the stimulus. In any event, here is a picture of Islamic Rage boy and a picture of the Muslim who was at the event. You decide if their traits are similar.

Rage Boy

As you can see Islamic Rage Boy and the fellow at the GOE have quite a lot in common including the beard and the look of open-mouthed rage. It was interesting seeing this guy defend the peacefulness of his religion by escalating to full blown rage and then threatening to kill people.

BTW, I heard at the GOE that four Islamic groups had sponsored the anti-war rally. That should be all that anyone needs to know because all we ever needed to know about Islam, we learned on 9/11.

It seems to me that CAIR might somehow pick up on this incident and paint this guy as a victim. He was no victim and our guys did not allow him the chance to become one. I imagine he will be dead in a few years if he fails to control his rage. I think he has a bomb vest at home that might solve his problems.

**Islamic Rage Boy is used with permission of TNOYF. Muslim Rage Guy courtesy of stupidity.

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20 Responses to “Islamic Rage Boy Redux”

  1. Pauli says:

    So true. The victim mentality is so easy for these losers to exploit. Thanks, Oprah!

  2. TexasFred says:

    Surely they had some potholes in DC that needed filling?? We’re going to end up fighting these assholes sooner or later, might as well get it on and get it over with…

  3. I watched the A.N.S.W.E.R. soiree on C-SPAN, and they repeatedly said throughout that the whole event was being filmed & broadcast for all the world to see by C-SPAN and Al-Jazeera!!! Told me quite a bit. Especially at the numerous calls for peace for Palestine.

    Oh, and not to disappoint, Cynthia McKinney was a speaker.

  4. Wild Bill says:

    One of the reasons I did not go to the GOE, is I would have killed the guy. If someone told me they were gonna kill me in my face like that he would be a chalk outline.

    I completely agree with Fred, “We’re going to end up fighting these assholes sooner or later, might as well get it on and get it over with…” I don’t really care how we are portrayed as long as our enemies are dead.

  5. Misha I says:

    Too bad the raghead didn’t try that sh*t in Texas.

    By the time he’d proceeded to death threats, which was pretty much immediately, he would’ve presented a credible threat of imminent death and/or serious injury and I would’ve popped his ass without a moment’s hesitation, cameras or no cameras.

    Somebody tells you he’s going to kill you, act as if he means it.

    End of fu*khead.

  6. I’ve notified the 910 Group of this. They’ll see if CAIR picks up on it.

  7. Yo, Misha, Your Imperial Darthness! Long time! When you going to visit my place? EH? How’s the job? crown princes? Her Imperial Darthness?
    The rage you see on their faces, that lies so closely under the surface, is a hallmark of their father, the father of lies himself! Not surprising, and it is ubiquitous!
    AoW-I’m glad you did, and I’m glad cooler heads prevailed! Save the emotions, they are useless in a fight, it just gets you killed! You are too valuable to lose before the war starts!


  8. Ron Williams says:

    I believe I have a video of this person shouting. It was during the march, but he was still acting quite ignorant.

  9. Rosemary says:

    You surely have more self-control than I do. I would have lost it. I would have liked to stomp him. Either that, or get him to convert to Christianity! Yes, he would have really liked me. lol

  10. While the fellow you met at the rally was clearly unpleasant, I’m not sure if I’d use the term “rageful” to describe him.

    Let’s examine.

    His nostrils are not the least bit flared in anger. He chose a decidedly non-threatening turquoise colored skull condom. And his sleepy eyes, George Michael Wham!-era beard, and gaping jaw seem better equipped for luring in stray members of the Village People than for committing real acts of violence.

    Sure he threatened bodily harm and death, but he did not actually blow himself up. In the Islamic world he would be considered a mincing pacifist.

    This guy is Islam-lite. Islam-NA. Islamic Vanilli.

    This excellent account of the rally that you have written will probably serve to get him drummed out of the Muslim community for being a pussy. However, he will then be free to realize his dream of moving to Vegas and joining a tiger show.

  11. tj says:

    jackass of the month?

  12. Big Dog says:

    True enough but I think he was stoned so the rage might not have shown…

    You are correct, maybe we can get him disgraced in the Muslim community.

    TJ, great idea…

  13. “he was stoned so the rage might not have shown…”

    Great point.

    BTW, I didn’t mean to question your rage-gauge.

  14. Big Dog says:

    Not taken that way at all. I agree he is not full blown rage but the similarity between him and rage boy is uncanny…..

  15. I agree 100%. Just messing around a bit.

    It’s to the point where “Islamic Rage” is redundant.

  16. Seamus O'Houlihan says:

    Ah, the guys who pull that nonsense here in the US are all talk and no significant action. They like to flap around and cluck like chickens at any given opportunity to prove their muster to each other, but it appears their primary weapons are a silly hat, a sourpuss and maybe an attorney that’s afraid of soap and water. Aside from that, I haven’t witnessed a tremendous amount of product to back up all that false advertising.

  17. Big Dog says:

    BFW, Exactly!

    Seamus, You hit it right on the head…

  18. Nanci says:

    Thank you for this entry.

    Thank you for your coolness, under pressure.

    Thank you and all of the Eagles, for what they did this weekend.

    You brought me back from the edge of despair. I can now see some hope, for my country.


  19. A J Parmalee says:

    Great posts. Good response to the puke, but I agree he was lucky. Threaten my life, especially in front of multitude of witnesses, then make a move, I will assume that you are in earnest and my next move will be detrimental to your health. ‘Nuff said. Too many of these scumbags are accustomed to using the intimidation factor to have it their way. I too am a Vietnam Vet, and damn proud of it. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  20. Big Dog says:

    I agree AJ. I think he was trying to bait us so the vets would look bad. If there had been no protest and we just happened to be there, he would have been stomped!