Islamic Civil War Engulfs The World

The world suffers under a civil war within the Islamic community, described author/writer Christopher Hitchens on FNC today. His innovative view of the current world-wide crisis offers one of the most logical explanations to date. Hitchens, writer for Vanity Fair and the Weekly Standard, contends that this civil war is really between the Islamic extremist whom wish to reestablish the Islamic empire and the “modern” Islamist whom simply want to peacefully practice their faith in whichever country they call home.

Traditionally, we think of a civil war occurring within defined country borders with traditional battlegrounds. In that aspect, this civil war has broken the mold. Traditional precepts must be reevaluated as we no longer live in a world where some apply. However, one hallmark of a civil war is that it pits “brother against brother.” Certainly we see this occurring in Iraq – especially on a day where a dozen Iraqi children were killed in a bombing of a military humvee while US soldiers were handing out candy.

At Kindi hospital, where many of the dead and injured were taken, one distraught woman swathed in black sat cross-legged outside the operating room. “May God curse the mujahedeen and their leader,” she cried as she pounded her own head in grief.

-Hospitals and police said between 11 and 13 children were killed. Authorities scrambled to compile a count of the dead and injured.

“The explosion was mainly on the children,” resident Abbas Ali Jassim said.
By Bassem Mroue, AP via The Ledger

Although the battle cry of the Islamic extremists rails predominantly against the United State (and Israel), the reality is that relatively few Americans have actually been on the bad end of these bombings. – at least since 9/11. Those who have were largely the fine men and women of our armed services in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, the British just tasted the bitter fruits of this civil war last Thursday.

Serious review of the situation in Iraq indicates that those dying in droves are fellow Muslims. One also has to acknowledge that these terrorists have taken the “you’re either with us, or you’re against us” philosophy concerning their religious brethren. Even though their religion distinctly condemns the taking of another Muslim’s life, they have justified this action for their cause. Combined, these facts lend themselves to the civil war argument. These Muslim extremist want — no, yearn — for the Western people to turn against the peaceful Islamists. This would only serve to bolster their ranks. We, as countries and as individuals, must not fall into this trap.

This civil war is about to worsen. Just today, Egypt vowed to avenge its ambassador’s death at the hand of the Islamic extremists. The Iraqi people have tired of being bomb fodder for a cause most of them don’t embrace. The Saudi ruling family has realized that, by fostering these groups many years ago, they essentially contributed to their own possible destruction and downfall. And, the Palestinians are beginning to realize that peace with Israel and obtaining a homeland could have occurred many years ago if they hadn’t embraced a ruler who, in turn, embraced these Islamic extremists.

The sabers rattle across the Middle East . . . and all over the world. Like it or not, the world stands in the middle of a religious civil war. As we have learned from history, civil wars can be the bloodiest and demoralizing of all wars.

If one accepts this explanation, one must realize that there was really nothing the US, Britain, the UN or the rest of the world could do to stop it. Certainly, the Clinton administration tried to assuage the Islamic extremists by cozying up to Yasser Arafat, slapping the terrorist on the wrist whenever they successfully bombed US interests and refusing to accept Osama Bin Laden when offered up by the Sudanese. Yet, the planning for 9/11 continued in earnest.

The Islamic governments, countries and clerics were the only ones who could have quickly ended the movement’s genesis by condemning these extremist and withdrawing all support and safe harbor. That time has long since past. We are now in the middle of a world-wide civil war where none of the traditional rules apply. We must learn to adapt together to defeat this gathering storm.

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