Islam Warming Hits France

France had the hottest April on record (since records have been kept):

France this year had its hottest April since 1950, with the average temperature four degrees Celsius higher than the usual 10 degrees (50 Fahrenheit), the national weather office said Monday.

In the northern half of France, averages recorded between the first and the 24 of April were between 8 and 12 degrees higher than the seasonal norm, said Meteo France.

1950 was the year reliable temperature measurements from 22 stations across France were begun. Breitbart

Al Gore would blame this on global warming but I have decided that since the Muslims rioted in France and burned half the country down, they are responsible for the temperature spike in April. Therefore, it is Islam Warming.

We need to work to get rid of Islam before this happens elsewhere. Any takers? Al? Al, where are you Al?

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