Is Trump Inciting The Violence?

There has been a lot of violence lately at political events featuring Donald Trump. I know a few of his supporters have responded to thugs disrupting things with violence and Trump has said he does not condone such actions (attacking those who have not gotten physical).

The reality though is that most of the violence at these events (or in the surrounding area) is being carried out by people who do not support Trump. These are Clinton and Sanders supporters who are showing up at Trump events and causing mayhem. These people are being sent to the events by the Clinton and Sanders people as well as by former Nazi worker George Soros.

I know that the media, the Democrats and some Republicans are blaming Trump for the violence but if he were the one initiating it then wouldn’t it be taking place at the Sanders and Clinton campaign events? Why would Trump supporters be creating violence at his events (with the exceptions of those who responded to thugs) when they support the guy?

No, it is being done by people who do not support him and it is being orchestrated by the left who then blames it on Trump.

Yes, I know Trump has made statements about punching back and attacking those who attack but his statements are no worse than those made by one Barack Obama when he was running for the presidency. You remember, the statements the media thought were cute and that he was praised for by his supporters.

The people responsible for what is going on are those who are committing the violence and those who are sending them to do so.

Those people are domestic terrorists and should be locked up for their crimes.

If people want to assemble and protest in peace they are free to do so but their right to do just that ends when they infringe on the rights of others and when they break the law.

It is time to clamp down on these terrorists and make them pay for their crimes and that includes the terrorists directing them to commit violence in the first place.

Time to make Soros pay to clean up the mess he paid to happen and then throw him in jail where he belongs.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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