Is This Irony?

Mexican police have arrested 4 Iraqis who were trying to make their way into the US. The Mexicans picked up the 4 after receiving tips as to their plan. The 4 were in Mexico illegally. Is it a bit of irony that the Mexican police will not arrest Mexicans who are trying to get into this country illegally and the Mexican government gets its bowels twisted when we try to tighten up our borders and arrest their guys who are here illegally but they will arrest others trying to get here illegally?

Why didn’t the Mexicans give the Iraqis maps to show them routes and water points to make their trip a bit safer? Is it also a bit ironic that the Mexicans made a point of telling us the Iraqis were in Mexico illegally but think that little point should be overlooked for their guys who happen to be here with the same status?

I am happy that the 4 were caught but I think the Mexican police could catch people everyday if they would stop profiling. Where is that darn ACLU to defend the Iraqis against illegal profiling?

Many undocumented Iraqi nationals have been captured in Mexico en route to the U.S. border. None has been found to have had any links to terrorism. [author: And still no Mexicans arrested doing the same thing]


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