Is This A Discriminatory Program?

I wrote about how Bryant Gumbel made a comment about blacks and the GOP. His inference was that the Republican party is a party of racists and does not include blacks. This is ridiculous and is a matter of math. The overwhelming proportion of the black population are Democrats. The figure approaches 90%. It only stands to reason that very few of them would be at Republican events. Despite the fact that Republicans have entrusted blacks and other minorities with very high positions in government the large portion of blacks still belong to the victim class of the Democratic party.

A new program that involves 1 million dollars in tax money is aimed at low income blacks. The program is designed to help them with their marriages. I guess there are no low income white families that have marital problems and could benefit from this program. I wonder how Gumbel would react to this program. Would he declare that only whites have successful marriages? Using the reverse of his flawed logic one could come to that conclusion.

There was a time when Churches provided marriage counseling. We have come to a point in America where the government is the nanny of all people. They must provide for everyone. This program is another slap to the black community in that government is telling them they can not even make it in a marriage without the government’s help. As long as we have programs like this and as long as blacks and other minorities are treated like second class citizens the Democratic party will have a constituency and there will never be true racial equality.

Source: WBAL

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