Is Putin A Terrorist?

This is from a post at Assorted Babble. Suzie has done a lot of research and this is quite interesting:

I call on my Christian friends to pray for our President while at the G8 Summit in Russia Thursday. Throughout my research for months now, I feel President Vladimir Putin is or may be a terrorist and perhaps a larger threat than Iran, N.Korea and/or UBL. A little background below and other links on this subject…
Is Vladimir Putin reverting back to his roots as a KGB leader and communist? Putin is showing two personalities, but has a real motive behind his masquerade. Is he sharing nuclear weapons and/or secrets with our enemies including Al-Qaeda? Below you will read a quote from our VP Cheney about the change in attitude with Russia.

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One Response to “Is Putin A Terrorist?”

  1. Thank YOU for linking me with this story. I truly appreciate it. Putin is one to be watched very very closely…he is the main enabler of Iran and other rogue countries. He is building up to be the next super power.

    If time permits and you wish to vote on this post, please go to Real Clear politics. (smiling) Surprisingly, I have 5 votes. (hahaha)
    Thanks again for posting this and allowing readers to give thought to what is happening in Russia with Putin.