Is Obama Working To Improve National Security Creds?

While Barack Obama criticized George Bush and the use of military force (remember, Obama opposed everything Bush did) he has done some of the things he accused Bush of doing. It was Obama who used military force without Congressional approval, not Bush.

While Obama is working to draw down troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan the Pentagon is preparing contingencies for Iran. I would normally think that the Pentagon has these contingencies and plans for this stuff all the time. I would have thought that we have plans for Iran and many other countries that could initiate violence against us.

The fact that the news is being reported and that there are claims we could defeat Iran in short order coupled with plans to engage North Korea appears to be election year bluster in order to improve the standing of the lame Commander in Chief.

This is reported as Obama uses the Seals and the troops in Afghanistan as props in his election campaign stops (but his toadies claim it is not political). He is using the troops to push a tough guy image while he guts the military and its capabilities.

The plans call for doing more with less and perhaps this is the reason the plans are being revised or are being announced.

The Pentagon is faced with a lot of cuts in troop strength and budget money is being reduced as weapons systems wear out and age. The Pentagon needs to have plans in order to react to any threat but now it must do more with less.

I imagine this is probably the regime’s attempt to show that we are still able to protect our nation even after the cuts. It is probably designed to make it appear as if Barack Obama is not harming the country and its armed forces.

It might even be an attempt to show the members of the armed forces that the Commander in Chief has their backs and is looking out for them.

Since a large percentage of the armed forces are conservative it is hard to believe that Obama will get much of their votes.

This is, after all, why Democrats work hard to disenfranchise the military by making sure their votes don’t count.

I realize the Pentagon war games all the time. However, when Bush was President the left loved to tell us he would trot out bin Laden or start a skirmish in order to win an election. Those things never happened under Bush but it is only fair to apply the same standard to Obama.

He has trotted out bin Laden. Will a war be next?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Is Obama Working To Improve National Security Creds?”

  1. Blake says:

    What is that above me, Farsi? If so, it still looks like chicken scratch to me.
    As far as this column, all I can say is, WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

  2. Lobo says:

    Blake, it’s real estate spam from Syria.