Is New Hampshire Hillary’s Exit Poll?

If we are lucky, by this time tomorrow Hillary Clinton’s campaign will be gasping for its last breaths of air and it dies a long overdue death. I realize that even if she loses New Hampshire she could go on but there are indications that many of her supporters have secretly said she is not going much further and there are also indications that she is or will soon be strapped for cash. What once seemed a juggernaut of political and money raising efficiency is now heading down to the bottom very rapidly.

Hillary was out giving a please vote for me speech today when someone asked her how she does it. Hillary got tears in her eyes and her voiced cracked a few times during her answer which largely consisted of her her desire to make the country better and her beliefs blah, blah. The truth is Hillary expected to be the next president. She has been planning her chance for years and her pact with Bill looked like manifest destiny when she was way ahead in the polls and raising millions upon millions of dollars. She started out asking people to max out by giving the largest amount possible for both the primary and the general election. Now she is just asking for the amount needed to continue in the primary.

Hillary Clinton spent a fortune in Iowa and has a third place show for it. She has blown millions of dollars to convince people to vote for her and it is not working. She has brought out the big guns in her husband and while he is exciting many people it is because of their cult like worship of him and his decadent ways and not so much for her. They seem not to like her very much and I don’t really blame them. Hillary was all set to be the next president and now it looks like she might bow out. This is why she is crying though some might think she is trying to show she is actually a caring human. In reality, she can hear her dreams shattering and that shatter sounds like Senator Obama.

The other thing to consider is if she gets this emotional about this campaign how will she handle any issues that arise if she were president. Seems that this is the take that John Edwards has on the event and who could blame him? If Hillary drops out he has a better chance against Obama.

Big Dog

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22 Responses to “Is New Hampshire Hillary’s Exit Poll?”

  1. I think you nailed it, really. I would only add that she’s likely not finished until February 5, since she’s got a national organization, and a resevoir of fundraising ability.

    Still, Obama’s momentum is unreal. He’ll be hard to stop. It’s true though, Hillary seemed to have it all: inevitability, cash, name recognition, poll standings. Her collapse is phenomenal.

    In any case, great post.

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  3. Adam says:

    It’s hard to call it momentum for Obama and collapse for Hillary after just one state. Another poll came out today showing she is virtually tied with Obama, so it’s really a tossup on how things wil turn out in New Hampshire tomorrow.

    I find it hard to believe that if the Hillary campaign raised $110 million in 2007, including $30 in the last quarter, and only spent $7 million in Iowa that it is somehow on the ropes and will be broke after two states. The fact remains that Obama outspent Hillary in Iowa by $2 million and it bought him 1 extra delegate and a lot of free air time.

    Obama’s win takes the ball out of Hillary’s court but it will take a very terrible finish in New Hampshire to really end the Clinton campaign, and maybe that won’t even be enough.

    Talk of the Clinton campaign failing miserably is all just wishful thinking on your parts at this point. Let me share with you a little wishful thinking of my own.

    Personally I think Obama will probably win the state tomorrow, but not by much. I think his momentum and his charisma, and also his Christian values carried him in Iowa much like with Mike Huckabee. Several factors degrade that in New Hampshire though.

    First of all as you pointed out a few days ago there is only about a 3% evangelical population in New Hampshire compared to 15% in Iowa. Like it or not, Obama is considered a much stronger Christian than Hillary among Democrats and I think that was a factor for sure.

    Second, the distance between Iowa and New Hampshire is shorter than it usually is. This skews poll results because of the nature of polling over shorter periods of time. Poll results are all over the board and I believe the timing is the reason.

    I think strong finishes by Hillary in the next few states, including Michigan where she is apparently the only major candidate on the ballot because the state is being punished, combined with a sustained level of national support will at least keep her in to the bitter end and keep me biting my nails for some time.

    Or not…

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  6. Big Dog says:

    The only way Hillary will win now is if ahe is the only candidate on the ballot. How is that punising Michigan?

    As for Christianity, Satan is more of a Christian than Hillary.

    Thenews reports are saying that she had less than 30 million left. Remember, a lot of what she raised can only ne used in the general election (about half).

    The news reports keep saying she is on her way out. Might be hype by Clinton friendly media to get out the vote, who knows. She will lose by 8-10 points on NH. I think she will come in third again.

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  9. Adam says:

    I saw one guy arguing that the Dem convention will not overturn Michigan’s delegates like they say they will, but since Hillary is the only candidate there it seems incredibly unlikely. If the candidates kept campaigning there like normal or were all at least on the ballot it would seem more likely.

    I guess the Satan idea depends on your view of Christianity. I hope that’s not the case because Satan would be more of a Christian than I am…

    She could lose by 8-10 for sure, but I wouldn’t underestimate the campaign just yet. I still I think she will get 2nd at least. Edwards support is really low in NH.

    He basically campaigned every day in Iowa for 6 years straight and it only got him 2nd place in the votes, 3rd place in delegates, just 7 delegates more than 3rd place. Of course he spent a lot less money too though. I think 2nd place was a big blow to him still. If Hillary is screwed, he’s screwed even more.

    I think both Edwards and Clinton will stay in until Feb 5th at least though. History is on the side of the person who wins both Iowa and NH, but the fact still remains that it took several primaries for Bill Clinton to come in 1st, so I’m hoping that fear will start to set in about Obama and dwindle support once he’s in the spotlight more. If Hillary can stay a strong 2nd place and collect a sizable amount of delegates she could see support return to her camp.

    I just wish we didn’t have to wait all day to see actual results coming in…

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  11. Guy says:

    You can’t do the same things over and over and expect a different result!
    Hillary is the past, she’s too hungry for power , we have to turn the page. I support Obama all the way ! A young and fresh perspective on where our country needs to go instead of the same old stuff…Give him a chance! I’m 62 years old by the way.

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  21. irtexas44 says:


    These two are the bottom of the barrel dregs. They go way past the normal barf limit. I don’t want to see them in our WH again ever.

  22. Robb says:

    Ha-ha. Your mean-spirited and biased report and posts (Satan is more of a Christian than Hilary? What are you, 12?) have been proven completely bogus. In the future, try to be more honest about why you hate her and you won’t have to resort to lame comments like that one…unless the reason you hate her is also lame. Ya think?