Is Michelle Malkin A Liar?

I happen to like Michelle Malkin though I have never met her. I would like to meet her someday and discuss politics and our shared state, the People’s Republic of Maryland. Malkin is under constant attack for what appears, by all accounts, to be the crime of being a minority who espouses conservatism. Rarely is she taken to task in the various left wing blogs for her beliefs and when someone, on that rare occasion, does take her to task they can not resist throwing in their fantasies about making it with an Asian woman.

Malkin, from all I’ve read about and by her, seems to be a decent person whose only crime is that she has conservative views. People like Malkin and Maryland’s LT Governor, Michael Steele, are a threat to liberalism because they dared to leave the plantation of government programs and political pandering to take up and display their own views. G. Gordon Liddy once said that when he went to jail he had something that scared the guards and that was his knowledge. He is educated and knows too much to be pushed around or bullied by the guards. The thing that also scared the guards is that they knew they could not take Liddy’s education away. It was his to keep and use and it was a threat.

Malkin, and Steele for that matter, fall into that same category. They are both well educated people who have the intelligence to see past the liberal rhetoric and promises. They realize that the solutions offered by the Democrats are not a panacea and they have dared to openly discuss the myths surrounding liberal philosophy. Because of the color of their skin and their physical appearances, they are expected to fall in line and march lock step with the liberal establishment. However, since they failed to be properly indoctrinated, the left has resorted to nasty and unproductive attacks on them based solely upon their physical appearance. This is the crime with which so many Republicans are charged.

The Democrats claim to be the party of inclusion and frequently point out that they have helped the minority populations while the white male dominated Republican party has stepped on the downtrodden. The strange this is, the only people I hear making attacks on people because of their ethnicity are the Democrats. I have not heard Republican politicians or other leaders go out in the public and talk about minority Democrats based upon the color of their skin. Has anyone ever heard people call Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or any of the other Democratic minorities names and refute their claims because they are a minority? No, the relentless attacks come from the so-called party of inclusion.

We have seen the Sambo picture and heard Michael Steele derided by Maryland Democrats because he is a black conservative. The Democrats illegally obtained his credit report and he was the only person they did that to. Malkin is under constant attack because she is a hard working Asian woman who happens to believe in conservatism. The attacks on Malkin extend to her husband Jesse, who stays at home to make sure their children are taken care of. This is nothing more than how marriages are supposed to work. It is a foreign concept to the left because they do not believe that two parent households need exist. Their idea of commitment in a relationship is only valid when both partners are the same sex.

People like Malkin and Steele threaten the Liberal establishment because they are well educated people who dispel the myth that minorities can only make it in America with the liberal left helping them along the way. They expose on a daily basis the liberal’s agenda of keeping minorities dependent upon government so that they will continue to vote for the left. Malkin and Steele have escaped the liberal educational system designed to keep minorities poor and undereducated. They have gained knowledge and they are a threat to the Democratic agenda. Naturally, in the Democrat’s eyes, they must be attacked and stopped. Like Liddy before them, they possess education and knowledge, powerful tools that can not be taken away from them.

I asked in the title, “Is Michelle Malkin A Liar?” Little I have read about her indicates that she is. I did not know much about her personal life until I read this post of hers. I am afraid I have been guilty of bias based upon Malkin’s looks. In the post she says that she has children. I had assumed, from watching her that she was far to young to have children (especially as in the plural). I am guilty of believing something about her based entirely upon the way she looks. Though it has been my experience that one will never be chided for stating that a woman looks young, I nevertheless apologize for making such assumptions based solely upon her physical appearance.

No, Malkin is not a liar. She is honest and well educated and that makes her a threat to the left. Let’s face it, if Malkin had liberal viewpoints she would be paraded about by the Democrats as part of their policy of inclusion. To be honest about it, I do not care what Malkin looks like or that she is a woman. I do not care that Steele is black. What I care about is that they have the courage of their convictions and they espouse conservative viewpoints. I view each them as just another person with whom I agree (just as I view the left’s minority leaders as people, with whom I disagree). I only wish the left could get its head out of its rectal cavity and see the same thing.

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4 Responses to “Is Michelle Malkin A Liar?”

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  2. Malkin concedes that Michelle Malkin, Inc. is actually Michelle and Jesse Malkin, Inc. That’s what we’ve been saying all along!

    As for the other stuff – deplorable, all of it. “Dirty Asian Whore” isn’t part of my rhetorical toolbox. Barbs like that certainly never came from me.

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  4. Ralph says:

    It’s no secret that the country is polarized. Name calling, character assassination, etc. from both sides (admit it). But Malkin is working to reconcile.

    Michelle’s new book has the potential to help bridge the bitter gap between Republicans and Democrats. After reading this book, expect to see Dems and Repubs finding points on which to agree and form productive working relationships. Rather than insulting one another and fighting for power, representatives will work on bipartisan efforts in the best interests of the country. Ted Kennedy may ask the Roves to be godparents for his grandchildren. It may not seem like much, but this new book is the first step in that direction. Bravo!