Is John Kerry An Anomaly or a Symptom?

On Monday of this week John Kerry caused a firestorm when he said:

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and do your homework, and make an effort to be smart, uh, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.

Kerry could have easily apologized and said he made a mistake. If he had the issue would have likely blown over. Instead, he came unhinged when it was suggested that he had insulted the troops and when he finally apologized he only said he was sorry that his words were misinterpreted. I guess the rest of us should have gotten an education so we could interpret what he has to say. In his initial protestations, Kerry indicated he would never insult the troops when the fact is, he has done just that since the Vietnam War. Kerry attributes the gaffe to a blown joke. According to him he blew the punch line of a joke that was supposed to be a slam of the President. First of all, I fail to see how he could possibly see an insult to the president as a joke. He could have said that he meant to insult the president and I might have given him the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of what he meant to say, the fact is he said something offensive to the troops. This likely was an expression of how he really feels and was a classic demonstration of what is known as a Freudian Slip, at least that is what this uneducated soldier once heard an Ivy League elitist Northeastern Liberal say.

The question that people should be asking is, did John Kerry speak for himself or for the Democratic Party? It is easy to dismiss the expressions as those of one man who happens to serve in the Congress but I would submit that Kerry’s slip was a symptom of a much larger problem. That problem is that the liberals in this country are not for a united stance against our enemies and in their hatred of Bush they have forgotten that we are all Americans first. Country trumps party but the Democrats seem unable to grasp that concept. It is unfortunate but we have plenty of examples of this among the ranks of those who want to lead us into the hands of the enemy.

Throughout the history of this great nation we have overcome much adversity. We never lost a war where the majority of the country was behind the effort and those who fought. When our politicians came together and the country backed the troops we won. We beat the Brits, though they had a better Army, we won WWI, and WWII because everyone made sacrifices and everyone was behind those efforts. Changing attitudes about our role in the world and the general acceptance by the left that all solutions can be negotiated gave us a defeat in Vietnam despite the fact that we won every battle we fought. During Vietnam the country was divided and, more importantly, the politicians were divided. The troops became political tools for people like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. Kerry actively protested the troops and demonized them. He met with the enemy and he told Congress that his fellow vets were rapists and killers. He has called our current crop of heroes terrorists and uneducated, regardless of what he meant, he said it. We lost Vietnam because people like Kerry could not give the men and women who were fighting the support that is needed. We lost our national will and the support of our elected officials and we lost the war. Democrats like John Kerry, Jack Murtha, and all the others who, when they are not demeaning our troops, are making plans to cut and run will, if they have it their way, lead America to the path of defeat.

There are over 50,000 names of brave men and women who died in Vietnam inscribed on a wall in DC. Those people did their duty and they paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we could live in freedom. It does not matter how we feel about any conflict, once we commit our troops we must back them 100% and we must win. We pulled out of Vietnam without a win. Not only did millions of Vietnamese die as a result of our departure but the honor of those who match up to the inscriptions was trounced upon and they truly died in vain. They fought as they were ordered and they never lost the will to win. They were betrayed by elected leaders and a fickle public that wants the benefits of a free society without the sacrifices those benefits cost. As was once stated, freedom is not free.

The disdain for the military seems to be systemic among the Democratic psyche. In addition to Kerry, there is Jack Murtha who declared that some accused service members were guilty of murder before charges were brought and before a courts martial was convened. He could not give the military the benefit of the doubt and would rather accuse them of crimes than let the judicial process run its course. Considering the fact that Jack Murtha accepted a bribe in the ABSCAM fiasco and escaped indictment by testifying against others, it is odd he would be so quick to pass judgment. Perhaps his years of corruption has removed any shred of honor he once held as a proud Marine and he is now a doddering old fool who can only think of ways to demean the military and to line his own pockets. Max Cleland, who blew himself up with a grenade he picked up in Vietnam, defends Kerry by stating that “John Kerry is a patriot who has fought tooth and nail for veterans ever since he came home from Vietnam.” John Kerry did not fight for the vets when he was in Vietnam and he damn sure did not fight for them when he returned, tooth and nail or otherwise. That grenade must have rattled Cleland’s brain loose and he missed Kerry’s “support” of the troops upon his rapid return from Vietnam.

These are the same Democrats who tell us that they support the troops. If this is their idea of support then we want them to stop their support right now. It is not hard to imagine that they feel their actions are support. They are constantly harping about being patriotic while doing everything they possibly can to prevent us from winning the war. There is no national unity because the Democrats will not unite around the idea of winning. Cutting and running is not proper mission planning and will only embolden the enemy to attack us again and this time they might just be successful in hitting the Capitol. At that instant it will be a bit too late for them to decide that they need to climb on board the idea of winning.

We can see that there is no unity in this country. In case the Democrats do not know this we are a NATION at war. This is not Bush’s war, this is America’s war. This country is in a war against an ideology that wants to kill or convert us and they will not stop until they are successful or until we kill them. You would never know we are a nation at war because every Democratic campaign ad references “Bush’s War.” They say we are fighting George Bush’s war, or that our soldiers are dying in “Bush’s war” and this is not correct. An overwhelming majority of the Congress voted to take action against Iraq and that action included acts of war. They knew this when they voted and that means this war is theirs as well. Since they represent us as a people it is our war. We are a nation at war and until the Democrats grasp that concept we will continue to have barriers along the way. Their hatred for George Bush and our military has clouded their minds. The same people who told us how evil Hussein was and how he had WMD when Clinton was President are now saying bush lied about those WMD. They are looking for every excuse to cut and run and once again tell our troops that they died in vain because the left in America did not have the stomach for a fight. I thank God every day that these same Democrats were not here when we had to fight for our independence as a nation. If they had been we would still belong to the Monarchy in England.

John Kerry is a symptom of a much larger illness. He can claim that he supports the troops but in reality his Freudian Slip allowed another look into his mind. He still holds the same opinions he held so long ago when young men fought and died in the jungles of Southeast Asia while he protested and accused. His opinion is that uneducated people join the service because he can not imagine why anyone would join the military, unless of course, they had aspirations of one day being President.

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6 Responses to “Is John Kerry An Anomaly or a Symptom?”

  1. marshall says:

    Well how could he have been talking about Bush, because when they released his academic transcripts Kerry actually did worse at Yale than Bush did! KERRY GOT 4 Ds OUT OF 10 COURSES IN HIS FRESHMAN YEAR. Wouldn’t make much sense to insult somebody for being stupid or uneducated when they did better than you at the same school, right?

  2. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. You are exactly right. The released records show that Bush did better academically than Kerry did and yet, Bush is the one they tag as an idiot.

    I admit that Bush is not the most gifted speaker but I would rather listen to him talk to me like the guy next door than listen to Kerry ramble on trying to impress people with his long winded retorts.

  3. Jo says:

    Rush nailed it – the elderly libs are still living in a 60’s era time frame when it comes to the military. They can’t understand people volunteering to serve their country, because they did everything they could to get into college so they wouldn’t get drafted.

    As for Kerry, he and J. Murtha need to find a slow boat to China, put Kennedy at the helm and shove off.

  4. […] John Kerry is a symptom of a much larger illness. He can claim that he supports the troops but in reality his Freudian Slip allowed another look into his mind. He still holds the same opinions he held so long ago when young men fought and died in the jungles of Southeast Asia while he protested and accused. His opinion is that uneducated people join the service because he can not imagine why anyone would join the military, unless of course, they had aspirations of one day being President. […]

  5. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for coming by. You are absolutely right because Rush did nail this one.

    Those of us with ties to the military know the true meaning of sacrifice. The elitists who hat ethe military will never understand any of this because they are busy having their brows waxed….

  6. Wild Thing says:

    Fantastic! Thank you so much!