Is John Kerry a Snob?

As anyone who lives on this planet knows there was a presidential debate last night. The forum was a town hall style where people in the audience asked questions of the candidates. Many people feel this is better suited to the president who most people view as a down home or folksy kind of person.
George Bush, though a wealthy man, comes across as someone who genuinely understands what we go through each day. He does not make assumptions about people because of what they look like or where they live. Though many on the left will tell you that the right is full of bigots that believe they are better than others(an untrue statement), this president comes across as someone who could be comfortable talking to anyone no matter what their socio-economic situation.
It has been argued that John Kerry is out of touch with the so-called common man because of his wealth and the elitist lifestyle he lives. It has been stated that he can not possibly know what the average “Joe” goes through because Kerry is not your average “Joe” when it comes to his position on the social ladder. Kerry will tell you that he knows how you feel and that he will make things right when he is the president. He knows that the republicans are not looking out for the middle class, but John will look out for you.

Below is a quote, from Kerry during the debate last night. The question was will Kerry look in to the camera and tell America he will not raise taxes for anyone making under $200k per year. Kerry did that and went on a big tirade about tax cuts for the rich and that his plan is better and he would roll back the tax rates to the Clinton era number. The he said this:

And looking around here, at this group here, I suspect there are only three people here who are going to be affected: the president, me, and, Charlie, I’m sorry, you too.

Isn’t this amazing? John Kerry looked around the room and made the assumption that he, the president, and the moderator were the only people in the room who make more than $200k per year. John Kerry made a generalization about a group of people based on what they look like and where they live. If a republican did something like that the democrats would call him a bigot. Yet John Kerry got away with insulting the people who were in that hall. I’ll bet there were a few people in that hall who made more than $200k but even if there were not, Kerry had no way of knowing this based upon what they looked like.
Someone tell me how this is different from looking at a group of black people and saying “Looking around this room here, I suspect the only people without a criminal record are me, the president and the moderator” or looking at a room full of Hispanics and saying “Looking around the room here I suspect the only people in this country legally are me, the president and the moderator.”
John Kerry is out of touch with the American people. He made a bigoted remark and insulted the people who attended the debate. He basically said “I’m a rich guy who is here to help you poor folks.”
I think John Kerry proved that he is, without a doubt, a snob.

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