Is It Really Worth All That? Kerry Loss Deemed a “Blast”

I heard that some guy went to Ground Zero where the World Trade Center Towers use to stand and committed suicide. It appears this person was distraught that Kerry lost the election. The first thought I had was that Michael Moore finally did something worth while but it turns out it was not he.

You can read the story here. The question I have is was the election worth this? I would have been devastated if Bush had lost. Not for me but for the country. I know how bad it can get with the wrong leader and I know Kerry was the wrong person for the job. Having said that, I can tell you that if he had won I would not have committed suicide. I lived through the debacle of the Carter presidency and I lived through the years of the Clinton White House that did nothing except make our country weaker. I also know that no matter who occupies the White House it is only for a maximum of eight years. You can screw a lot up in eight years if left unabated but that is why we have three branches of government.

I feel sorry for the family of this person. I do not feel sorry for the guy himself. He did a totally selfish thing that those left behind will have to deal with. I am sure he had a history of mental illness and this election was a trigger for much deeper problems.

Michael Moore listed 17 reasons not to slit your wrists after the Bush victory. I will say that it would be OK if Moore just slit his wrists. I will also say that if you follow Michael Moore and believe what he says then you are not far from the state of mind that caused this fellow in New York to swallow the barrel of a shotgun.

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