Is It Hot Or Cold?

When hurricane Katrina caused all the damage to the south people like Al Gore could not wait to jump in and tell us that it was all because of global warming. You see, George Bush is responsible for global warming and because of him the water in the Gulf was very warm and fueled the hurricanes. Al and the rest of the pseudo scientists have failed to explain how it is that if global warming melts ice caps and it flows into the water that it will make the water warmer. That must be part of some other half baked scientific theory. So here we were, on top of the conspiracy developed by governor Blanco to blame the troubles on the President, having people tell us that if we were not such big polluters then there would be no global warming and the warm water that should be cold would not fuel hurricanes.

Only one more problem with that and it is they forgot to tell the hurricanes that they do not work in cold water.

Hurricane Epsilon, the 14th hurricane of a record-breaking Atlantic storm season, defied expectations that it would weaken over cool Atlantic waters on Saturday and continued to churn slowly eastward.

You mean to tell me that this hurricane did not follow instructions and weaken over cool water? Perhaps that is because nature has a mind of its own and man can not control nature. This is an undeniable fact that seems to escape many folks. Nature is responsible for what takes place. Tsunamis that wipe out hundreds of thousands, earthquakes that kill tens of thousands, and hurricanes that kill barely a thousand. They all have one thing in common and that is that man can not control them.

Perhaps they should get their acts together. First we had global warming because there was smog causing a greenhouse effect and then when they said the air was cleaner they told us that the extra sunlight was causing the warming. Warm water helps hurricanes and now cool water aids them. I guess, given all this information, we can’t win in any event.

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