Is Hillary Clinton A Doormat?

I have never cared for Hillary Clinton or her politics but I think she was treated poorly by Barack Obama and many Democrats during the 2008 Democrat primary. Hillary had been through quite a bit for the party and was treated quite badly by those who decided they wanted to go Barack.

All well and good, Democrats can do what they want within their party. However, a recent issue with Clinton caused me to wonder if she is not really a doormat. I think though, it might be deeper. I think Hillary Clinton has been abused by the men in her life and has turned into a woman who defends her abusers.

It is well known that she suffered great humiliation when her husband was caught having sex with an intern. The most visible man in America was caught having sex with a person other than his wife and Hillary had to suffer by his side. She did not suffer in silence though as she went on the attack and blamed her husband’s infidelity on the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

It should come as no surprise that Hillary would do this. She knew her husband could not keep his pants on and she was part of the bimbo eruption team that attacked any of Bill’s sex victims (yes, some women claimed he raped them) and made sure they were made to suffer for coming forward. For a so called feminist she sure was eager to jump in and defend a man who she knew was guilty.

Did Bill abuse Hillary? Has she been so abused that she defends him no matter what? Wouldn’t that be good enough reason to take a job that has her away from home most of the time?

Dick Morris worked for Clinton and he claims that Bill attacked him and was ready to throw a punch when Hillary intervened. She walked around with Morris and told him Bill does that to everyone he loves.

Was that her way of saying that she is abused so she knows Bill loves her? Morris said he would leave readers to draw their own conclusions.

So Hillary gets trampled on by her husband and has to stand by his side as his personal failures are made public. She suffered through this humiliation and was awarded with a Senate seat from the State of New York. Certainly her loyalty to her hubby and the party would allow her to run for and win the presidency.

When she finally does run a young upstart named Obama runs against her and many of her once loyal allies in the party turned their backs on her and supported him. She was accused of all kinds of things and she had to eventually step aside. Her chance at the presidency was taken away and might never present itself again.

So did Hillary take the abuse because she expected a payoff? Perhaps. She became Secretary of State to give Obama some credibility (how, I don’t know) but she became part of the team after Obama promised to retire her outstanding campaign debt. Hillary and Bill Clinton are worth about 20 times more than she owed and could have retired the debt themselves but she made a deal with the devil.

Perhaps she thinks she can run in 2016 and will need Obama’s support.

In any event, it appears as if Hillary has become a doormat. The entire Libya mess where our Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered was a failure of the Obama regime. The regime failed to provide adequate security and it failed to beef up security on 9/11. There was no safety for our people and either Obama knew that or he was too busy skipping his briefings to play golf and campaign to ensure their safety. Regardless, he screwed up and people were murdered.

Up steps Hillary the doormat to take the blame. She went public just before the last debate and said that she was responsible. She made the claim that the president and vice president would not know about such things as security is handled by the professionals in that arena. I am not buying it. The Embassy was attacked several times prior, our allies had pulled out of there and even the Red Cross closed shop. Obama had to know that, or should I say he SHOULD have known that.

Obama took the opportunity during the debate to say that it was all eventually his responsibility as president and I quipped at the time that Hillary had “manned up” before Obama did.

Now that I think about it though, I wonder if she did not just fall back into the doormat mode and suffer the failings of another man in her life who had abused her.

Did they all get together and ask her to, once again, take one for the team? Did they decide that she was a well known doormat and that they could convince her to get dumped on again?

I don’t know but things do not add up and the more I look at all the pieces the more I lean toward Hillary suffering from a form of battered spouse syndrome..

Is Clinton a strong feminist who believes in women’s rights or is she a victim of continual abuse so much so that she willingly accepts it? In other words, does she allow Democrat men to wage a war against her as a woman?

I am no mental health professional so these are only my observations. My good friend GM Roper is far more qualified to offer an opinion than I but I offer mine as food for thought.

I would think Hillary knows she can’t count on Democrats supporting her if she decides to run again. They screwed her over in 2008 and would likely do so again especially if some flashy newcomer arrives on the scene.

Besides, she has already shown that she was not really ready for the 3 am phone call (though with Bill as her hubby she should be).

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Is Hillary Clinton A Doormat?”

  1. GM says:

    Excellent post Doggie… and I agree with you 100% She is NOT ready, and never has been ready for that 3 AM phone call.