Is Global Warming Man Made?

There is no doubt the temperature of the Earth is getting a little warmer just as it has, in cycles, for millions of years. The Earth warmed up during periods of time when its inhabitants were not using fossil fuels and yet, Al Gore and his minions would have us believe that the latest cycle in the weather is man made and something we need to spend untold billions of dollars on. There is no evidence that global warming is caused by man and the so called scientists who espouse these theories depend on global warming research money to pay their bills. There are those who believe that the warming we are seeing is caused by activity on the Sun as well as the normal cyclic pattern of the planet. The question I have is, if man causes global warming how do they explain the warming on Mars?

Global warming could be heating Mars four times faster than Earth due to a mutually reinforcing interplay of wind-swept dust and changes in reflected heat from the Sun, according to a study released Wednesday.

Scientists have long observed a correlation on Mars between its fluctuating temperatures — which range from -87 C to – 5 C (-125 F to 23 F) depending on the season and the location — and the darkening or lightening of swathes of the planet’s surface.

The explanation is in the dirt.

Glistening Martian dust lying on the ground reflects the Sun’s light — and its heat — back into space, a phenomenon called albedo. Breitbart

Now, if global warming is happening on Mars how can we possibly discount the idea that global warming is not man made? There is no life that we know of on Mars and there certainly is no life we would classify as “man” so how exactly is it getting warmer there? I know that the greenies would like to blame global warming on man but it takes a huge ego to think that man on this planet is affecting the temperature of another planet that is around 47 million miles away at its closest point. No, something else must be causing Mars to get warmer because there are no living beings using fossil fuels on that terrestrial body. If it is getting warmer in the absence of what we would call man then something else is causing it and if something besides man is causing it there then something besides man can be causing it here.

The fact is man is easy to blame for these problems but in reality there are many things in play, the most likely of which is cyclic weather patterns (probably influenced by solar activity). The inconvenient truth is that people stand to make a lot of money by playing Chicken Little. Gore and his energy offset company, the government in its increasingly restrictive taxes and fines to coerce compliance, and the many companies that will jump on the GW bandwagon in order to turn a profit selling paper plates recycled from toilet paper.

The GW believers have accepted the idea as fact and the rest of us are called deniers. I want one of the enlightened to explain away that which has been described above. I want Al Gore to explain to me how man is causing GW on Mars and if he is not then I want him to admit that it is possible (and likely) that man is not causing it here.

I bet you I won’t get much response and the GW crowd will ignore the logic completely.

Big Dog

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8 Responses to “Is Global Warming Man Made?”

  1. Gribbit says:

    One Word – BRAVO –

    The greenies are avoiding the fact that GW is happening on no less than 4 planets in our solar system.

  2. Glen Blagg says:

    It’s obvious, isn’t it? It is George Bush’s Universal weather machine.

  3. Billy Joe says:

    Hi Big Dog,

    I have a question for you but thought it might be better to put it in the War on Terror post down below… please have a look at it. I look forward to your insight.

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  5. Media Lies says:

    Not everyone is falling over…….

    ….trying to kiss Al Gore’s butt.The New York Coal Trade Association, headquartered in New York City, recently held its 94th annual banquet and meeting at the New Y……