Is Cop-Socker On Her Way Out?

Cynthia “Cop-Socker” McKinney just assumed that she had it made with her peeps down in Georgia. Surely they would see that the incident where she hit a cop was a racial one and she was picked on for being black in Congress. She was so sure of her victory that she skipped two debates with her Democratic opponents. She claimed to have other scheduled business, like perhaps trying to find out who killed Tupac Shakur (Here is a clue: It was rival gang members). But a funny thing happened on the way to the primary. McKinney did not win and the vote resulted in a run off election which is rapidly approaching.

Now, McKinney is the underdog in this run off election. Her opponent, Hank Johnson, has a 15 point lead. McKinney has made up a little ground among her black base but Johnson leads by a huge margin among the white vote:

“There has been some shift in African American voters in McKinney’s direction,” said InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery. “However, the black vote remains split with local black leaders endorsing Johnson, who is trouncing McKinney among eligible white voters.”

It would appear that maybe the white folks did not appreciate how she responded to a white police officer. I am sure the split among the black voters has to do with the incident as well. Time will tell, August 8th to be exact, if McKinney will run in the general election with a chance to return to Congress of if she will be cleaning out her desk and leaving town. I hope that Cop Socker gets the boot. I can just imagine her concession speech, “I was unfairly removed from office by a bunch of white racists who did not like the way I handled that racist pig cop who tried to detain me. This was a plot to keep a black woman down and keep me from the establishment.”

I have a dream that McKinney will lose and never be in office again. I have a dream where the daughters of former elected officials and the daughters of informed voters will never come together to put this race baiting twit in office ever again.

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