Is Congress Worth The Pay?

If the Congress continues at its current rate it will spend a total of a whopping 97 days in session. The lawmakers, who are getting paid quite handsomely for their work, have taken the whole week off for St. Patrick’s day, which by the way, is not a federal holiday. I know Kennedy needed the week off to sober up, what am I saying, he is never sober so scratch that. They get a week or two here and there, they start work on Tuesday and end it on Thursday and they hardly have time to get any real work done. They are a disgrace.

Let us look at how these people, who say they are for the common man, go through life. They have a job where the most they could earn is 5 weeks vacation yet they take way more than that. They start work on Tuesday and stop on Thursday so they have 4 day weekends each week. I guess you need a lot of time to go schmooze with lobbyists. I guess the real shocker is how much we pay them per day. I think Nancy Pelosi said recently that Wal Mart executives make more in two weeks than most of their employees earn in a year. Assuming that she meant ten working days than I think it is fair to say the same thing about members of Congress who make $17,030 for 10 days of work. That is their annual salary of $165,200 divided by 87 days ($1703) times 10 (Assuming $8 per hour a full time employee would make $16640 per year).

Nancy Pelosi is probably too busy running her vineyards and hotels to worry about running the country. Kennedy is on a bender through the weekend, McCain is trying to figure out why people call him a RINO and the rest of them are living the life of Riley on our money. They should be required to be in session for a certain number of days BY LAW. They should be earning the money we pay them. If I had a job in DC as an elected official I would be at my job every day at least 5 days a week making sure that I was doing what taxpayer pay me to do.

Honesty, integrity, and hard work are not labels I would attach to many of them.

There are many who say the safest time is when they are not in session. That is true but the best time is when we vote them out and replace them with fresh faces and fresh ideas.

Source: USA Today

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One Response to “Is Congress Worth The Pay?”

  1. N. Mallory says:

    Hey, I’ve been saying we should vote the whole lot out and get a fresh batch. Almost every single one of them isn’t worth their weight in pee.