Is Birthday Party Next to Go for Bloomberg?

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg changed his political party affiliation from Republican to Independent yesterday in a move that surprised some and caused others to speculate he is posturing to enter the 2008 Presidential race as a third party candidate. Bloomberg was a Democrat and then changed to Republican (probably to win the Mayoral election after Giuliani’s terms) and now has become an Independent. I don’t know if he plans on running for the presidency but do we want a leader who can not make up his mind on something as simple as party affiliation. His party jumping would have to be the greatest example of political flip-flopping out there.

Bloomberg was only a Republican in name. His views are pretty liberal so this is no loss to the Republicans no matter how it ends up being spun. He just reminds me of a rich guy who wants things his way and if he does not like how things are going he will take his ball and go home.

In any event, I hope he enjoys his Independence and if he runs for the White House he will only waste his money. He will not win but might affect another candidate’s chances.

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4 Responses to “Is Birthday Party Next to Go for Bloomberg?”

  1. Billy Joe says:

    My Dad, a pretty conservative guy who has informed me over the course of the past year that he’s now an “independent” mailed me to tell me the “good news” about Bloomberg preparing to run.

    He thinks Bloomberg is a legitimate, viable candidate who “cannot be bought.”

    It’ll be interesting to see who Bloomberg will take support from if he declares. My hunch tells me that it will hurt Republicans more because old-school Republicans feel like their party has been taken over by extremists.

    I guess we’ll find out.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Bloomberg is in favor of abortion, gun control, smoking bans, bans on fatty foods and gay marriage. Somehow I think he will not hurt the Republican vote.

  3. Billy Joe says:

    Well, my Dad was until recently a Republican and I’m pretty sure he’d vote for Bloomberg so that’s one less Republican vote right there. I think there is a large # of Republicans who support abortion rights, sensible gun control and don’t care about bans on transfats & gay marriage. They may not be a majority in the Republican party and there may not be many in Maryland, but there are a lot of such people in Arizona, Oregon, etc.

    One other point you might find amusing about Bloomberg: A few years ago, he was asked if he had ever smoked pot and replied “You bet I did. And I enjoyed it.”

    Amen! At least he’s more willing to be honest than most of the national politicians (Bush & Bill Clinton included).

  4. Big Dog says:

    I think he will siphon off more of the people who do not like one of the Democrats for one reason or another. I can’t speak for most Republicans but sensible gun control is following the 2nd Amendment and allowing people to keep and bear arms as the framers wrote it and in accordance with what they meant when they wrote it. I don’t know who agrees with the right to murder the unborn and I don’t think government should tell people wht kind of food they can eat or if they can smoke. If they want to make tobacco illegal fine but until then people can use it.

    They need the taxes tobacco generates so they will never make it illegal. There are few Republicans in Maryland compared tot he entire population but those who are here generally reject the things Bloomberg espouses. I think that will be true across the country (except of course for the north east and the west coast).