IRS Instructs Staff To See No Evil

The Internal Revenue Service is a huge government agency that enforces untold volumes of tax laws that Congress has passed. It is the enforcement arm of the Mafioso government charged with threatening people who don’t pay up the extortion money and hurting those who refuse to do so. The IRS will be the goon squad in charge of enforcing the Obamacare tax mandate.

One would think that a massive agency with a huge budget would be very concerned with the tax money people pay in and that is returned to them (or redistributed) as part of the tax process.

One would also think that the IRS would be looking out for fraud when it comes to people working the system. It is a certainty that the agency looks for fraud when people, particularly those with high incomes, submit tax returns with what might be questionable entries. How do they know the entries are questionable? They know because people or computers look for indicators of fraud.

A lot of the tax system is based on Social Security Numbers but not everyone who pays taxes or files a tax return has one of those. A taxpayer identification number is assigned to people who are not citizens so they can file taxes and get returns.

The IRS is supposed to look at the applications for TINs and ensure they are legitimate so that people do not get money to which they are not entitled. But the IRS has a different idea of its function as people in charge of the agency instructed staff members to overlook fraud in TIN applications.

The cited article indicates the IRS disbursed $6.2 BILLION in tax refunds to people with TINs. It is possible that all of those were legitimate but if fraud was overlooked, how do we really know if that money should have been disbursed? How do we know that the government (read taxpayers) is not getting screwed out of money to run the country?

The IRS has announced a series of improvements but why is it that federal agencies always lose billions of dollars or are found to be doing a poor job before some improvement is worked on?

Should they not have extreme attention to detail, at least as much as they expect us to have when we fill out our taxes?

We need a simplified tax system with a flat tax and no deductions where one can use a postcard to verify taxes paid and adjust for any small adjustments that might occur. If everyone paid a flat tax on income there would be no need for a huge IRS (if we needed it at all).

Think how much money we could save by scaling down that monstrosity of an agency…

Cave canem!
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