Irony Stabs Clinton in the Back

Today endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president of the United States.

In a vote of the group’s members, Mr. Obama outpaced Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton 70 percent to 30 percent. The political action committee of has 3.2 million members across the country, including 1.7 million members who live in the 22 states with Democratic primaries or caucuses on Tuesday.

“Our members’ endorsement of Senator Obama is a clear call for a new America at this critical moment in history,” said Eli Pariser, executive director of MoveOn. He added, “The enormity of the challenges require someone who knows how to inspire millions to get involved to change the direction of our country, and someone who will be willing to change business as usual in Washington.” NYT

Now it is not unusual for these far out, left wing lunatic organizations to endorse an extremely liberal candidate but the irony is, MoveOn exists because of Bill Clinton. The group was began when founders started a petition drive to keep Bill Clinton from being impeached. Their petition called for the Congress to censure Clinton and move on.

It is no secret that the morons at MoveOn oppose the war (they are an anti American communist group) so it is no surprise that they would not back Senator Clinton because she voted for the war and has refused to say her vote was a mistake. MoveOn decided to endorse a candidate who has no real record on the war because he was not in the Senate at the time. He might have expressed his objection at the time but there is no telling what he would have done if he were a Senator so his position is irrelevant.

However, MoveOn decided to endorse him which shows they do not trust Hillary to end the war or that they believe his plan for ending it more than they believe hers.

When one considers that this group was formed to prevent Bill Clinton from being impeached for lying under oath (the same thing that earned Scooter Libby jail time, for which liberals cheered) it is amazing that they would rebuff Hillary because of her dishonesty about the war. I just find it extremely ironic that they started defending Bill and abandoned Hillary.

She has to be taking gas about now.

Of course, this group defended a lying rapist so I am not sure they did Obama a favor. BTW, where were they to ask Congress to censure Scooter Libby and move on?

Big Dog

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