Iranian Rifles In Iraq Just as We Said Would Happen

50 caliber sniper rifles that Austria sold to Iran have ended up in Iraq. The rifles are being used by terrorists against US and coalition troops. The legal sale of these rifles was completed last year over the objections of the US who claimed they would end up in the hands of our enemies. It appears that those objections were well founded with the discovery of these weapons.

The Iranians could deny that the government was responsible for the explosive devices that originated in their country and have been used against us in Iraq. Those items could have come from a number of factions within the government or from rogue terrorists in Iran (like their President). These rifles though are a different animal. They were sold to the government and they were under government control.

The fact that they are there makes Iran a partner in the terrorism and confirms President Bush’s assertions that they are part of the axis of evil. I do not necessarily think this means we should invade Iran, at the present time, but it does require some action. We need to keep an eye on the border and apprehend or kill anyone who is crossing from Iran into Iraq. We need to make it clear to the Iranians that we will not tolerate any of their people coming across the border and that we will engage them as enemy combatants.

Interestingly, this calls into question what value sanctions will have on Iran. The weapons were sold to them legally as were the air defense systems the Russians sent (also over our objections). The fact that the rifles are being used against us demonstrates that the Iranians will not hesitate to use any of their weapons against us. Perhaps a few Cruise Missiles will get their attention.

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One Response to “Iranian Rifles In Iraq Just as We Said Would Happen”

  1. Virginia says:

    Iran is certainly a threat. I am for taking care of that problem, with quick, swift action.