Iranian President Thinks Germans Did Not Get It Right

The new Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that he does not believe that Germany actually killed as many Jewish people as history claims. In fact he doubts that many were actually killed. Given that this terrorist has called for the extermination of Israel, it would seem he believes that Iran should do the job he believes Germany did not accomplish. In addition, Ahmadinejad said that Europe should give Israel land so the Zionists can move there and leave land that belongs to the Arabs.

Perhaps this guy is too busy making nuclear weapons or sharpening his sabers to recognize that the Arabs are occupying land that does not belong to them. God claimed the land for the Jews. He gave it to them as a solemn pact. As spelled out in the first books of the Bible, God gave the land to the Jews and promised them it would always be theirs. If anyone is invading land that does not belong to them it is the Arab states who occupy land that belongs to the Jews. Allah did not promise the terrorists this land, he gave them their virgins in the after life.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is bad news for the world and he is hell bent on ridding us of the Jews and causing harm to the United States because of our alliance with Israel. This jackass had better be careful with whom he picks his battles. Israel has shown it is not hesitant to use force and they know how to fight and win. It would not surprise me if Israel went in and knocked the Iranian’s nuclear reactors back into the stone age currently occupied by their new President.

Iran is a rogue nation and they elected a troglodyte to lead them. He is continually opening his mouth and inserting his foot. He has even upset Kofi Annan and given how much crap this guy tolerates, that is saying something. Anybody in favor of lobbing a Cruise Missile into this guys residence and sending him to hell where he belongs?

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One Response to “Iranian President Thinks Germans Did Not Get It Right”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Dear Big Dog,
    Actually, a majority of the people boycotted the vote, because it was wraught with fraud and Akbar Ganji, a political prisoner , had urged them to boycott it.

    Aside from that, I would love to take Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah out at the same time. Even the Ayatollahis sick of him! That is not saying anything in the favor, just letting you know how crazy this idiot is.

    Hi. ;)