Iranian President Should Be The One

Iran’s President and hostage taker Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in the news not long ago when he indicated that Israel should be “wiped off the map.” Then he made news by saying that the Holocaust did not occur and said Europe should give some land to resettle the Jews. Now this Satanic leader is hoping for the death of Ariel Sharon.

Iran is secretly (or not so secretly) developing nuclear weapons. This information comes from intelligence agencies around the world and this is quite unsettling. Iran would launch a nuke at Israel without even thinking about it so that Ahmadinejad can get in good grace with Allah for wiping out the Zionists. His past history as a hostage taker and his current rhetoric make him a very dangerous man. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is looking for a way to cause a lot of trouble.

One thing stands in his way and that is the current administration and the American desire to prevent this madman from causing devastation. The Iranian President would like nothing more than to take all the land owned by Israel for the Palestinians. It is quite likely that the poor health of Sharon will provide an opening for Iran to cause turmoil. The Israeli army is one of the best in the world and they have the backing of the US. President Bush will not let this rogue leader be hostile for very long.

I would like to see us take action soon but the problem is the Democrats do not have the stomach for it. If we wait and a Democrat is elected (especially if Hillary is elected) Israel will be hung out to dry. It is no secret that the Clintons courted Arafat and were friends of the Palestinians while shunning Israel. In order to ensure the Jews keep the land that God promised them, we need to keep tabs on Iran but I am inclined to wait until they actually act aggressively. If we wait we can show that the appeasement policies of the left do not work. We need to make the Iranian President the one who meets his ancestors in virgin land. He should be the one to die and we should assist in that endeavour.

In a related story, Pat Robertson gets wackier every day. He is saying that Sharon’s stroke might be punishment from God for giving away land that God promised to the Jews. I know that Sharon was wrong to give it away but this is insane. People get old and have poor health. Old people suffer strokes (so do young people for that matter). To indicate that this is punishment from God is just ridiculous. Death is an inevitable ending of our physical existence and to equate it to punishment from God is a warped religious message.

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