Iran Prepares Obama’s Crisis Test

When North Korea conducted nuclear tests the MSM were all over that story. It was over a July 4th holiday and my relaxation was interrupted by continual coverage of the nuclear tests and how the Bush administration had failed. I know, you are surprised as well. Clinton gave the NoKos all the stuff they needed to develop nukes and then took a handshake and a nod that they would only use them for good. The ink on the sales receipts was not even dry before Lil’ Kim started on his nuclear program.

Anyway, the point is that the media were all over it. It was reported for a few days and the Democrats made political hay out of saying that Bush took his eye off North Korea and they went nuclear on us.

President Bush has had his eye on Iran for some time now and he has been warning about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Iran swears (by Allah) that they are only developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Right. Bush is not buying it and neither is Israel because Iran would shoot nuclear missiles at Israel to achieve a dream of wiping out that country. Democrats have been sucking their thumbs worrying that President Bush will go to war with Iran over the issue. Democrats are weak on things like war. They vote for wars when it is politically expedient and then call the wars mistakes and say we need to lose quickly. Obama started off as the guy who would bring our troops home TODAY (his words). Now he will do it in a phased fashion.

Back on track though. There were two recent earthquakes in Iran and a top nuclear scientist there is claiming that they were actually tests of nuclear bombs. That could very well be. The entire time Iran told the world that it had suspended enrichment they actually continued to work. For nearly two years Iran continued moving toward nuclear weaponry while the world thought they were on hold.

The Israeli National News is reporting that a scientist from Iran has claimed the earthquakes were nuclear tests and not really earthquakes. I am not sure if there is a way to tell the difference or not so I have no way of knowing if this person is credible. It is also possible that the claim was “leaked” to stir up controversy.

Regardless, how many stories about this have been on the news? Not many and that is because the media does not want to have a national security issue pop up at the last minute and hurt the chances of The Sainted One of becoming president. Remember, Joe Biden told us to mark his words, the world will test Obama and his response might not look right. Given Obama’s antisemitism perhaps the test is, Iran nukes Israel and Obama ignores it.

If this were not an election year the media would be all over it and blaming George Bush. Fortunately, they are only testing so by the time they get to having nukes the new president will be in office and on the job. If it is Obama we can blame it all on him because it happened on his watch. It would have to be his fault anyway because Joe Biden said that an Obama presidency would bring about the crisis.

If McCain is in office I think Iran will reconsider any attacks on our allies.

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13 Responses to “Iran Prepares Obama’s Crisis Test”

  1. Patsy says:

    This is terrifying, Big Dog. A nuclear-armed Iran with a wimp in the White House and Israel is absolutely dead meat! And after Iran nuked them, Obama would be celebrating their demise with Khalidi, Ayers, Dohrn, Wright and God knows who else. And while they’re all celebrating, Iran will turn its nuclear wrath on US!! By the time these assholes figure out that they totally screwed the pooch on this, it will be too damn late! Can America really be about to vote for this??? My God but their stupidity will be the death of us all. We’re in serious trouble with such ignorance pervasive throughout our society. I never believed it possible.

  2. Big Dog says:

    It is terrifying but there has been no confirmation fo this. I imagine the people who study the shockwaves can tell the difference.

    It might be Iran just BSing to scare people.

  3. Adam says:

    Iran may have gotten nukes under the watch of Cowboy George Bush and you are already using it to attack Obama with? Get real. A nuclear powered Iran should be all the evidence you need to see the Bush Admin has failed our country and Israel completely. But then again, what do I know? I’m just a stupid Obama voter, right? *puke*

  4. Big Dog says:

    You know Adam, you are a typical liberal. The Democrats opposed regulation on the GSEs and caused the meltdown and it is blamed on Bush.

    George Bush has been trying for 8 years to reign in Iran on the issue of nukes and the Democrats have opposed.

    You cannot pin this on him. He has been to the UN and he has been involved with the other nations that want to keep it from happening but has been opposed.

    One last thing, you guys set the standard. Clinton caused 9/11 but you all blamed it on Bush because it happened on his watch. No matter how Iran acquires nukes if they are used on the next president’s term it will be his fault. You set the standard and now I am going to make sure you live with it.

    Bush did not fail us or Israel.

    But Ghetto Obama will (if Bush if Cowboy George the Barry is Ghetto Obama).

  5. Adam says:

    Excuse me? Typical liberal? Don’t make me laugh. I don’t blame Bush for 9/11. I blame Islamic extremists. You blame Bill Clinton? That probably explains why you guys attack Democrats more than you attack Islamic extremists and why bin Laden is still free and al Qaeda is as strong as ever in places like Pakistan. Bush failed, get over it.

    Ah, Ghetto Obama? Cute. Yes, calling Bush “Cowboy George” was a perfect opening for a racist attack on Obama. You never cease to amaze me with how often you defend yourself as not sexist or racist and then routinely make racist and sexist remarks. Good work.

  6. Patsy says:

    Adam, you are a complete moron. Bill Clinton’s policies which considered terrorist acts perpetrated against Americans and American interests as violation of law, rather than acts of war created the opportunity for Islamic terrorist to strike. The “wall” erected at his behest by Assistant Attorney General Jamie Gorelick which forbid law enforcement & intelligence agencies from sharing information directly led to 9/11. That “wall” was implemented to shield the President from facing the consequences of the crime he committed by taking campaign funds from Communist Red China for his reelection. The wall kept those charged with the responsibility of keeping us safe from doing their jobs and 3,000 innocent human beings lost their lives. No Clinton did not commit the acts, but he failed to protect us from them. Security is the ultimate responsibility of the President of the United States. Bill Clinton failed; utterly, completely & totally failed.

  7. Adam says:

    Didn’t Bill Clinton also shoot JFK?

  8. David Kirk says:

    Adam, while you may not blame President Bush for 9/11, (I admire you if that’s the case) you can’t pretend that it is not a common Democratic mantra. Big Dog is right. While you personally didn’t set the standard, it has been set. I disagree with calling our Presidents derogatory names but once again, the number of Democrats I have heard calling President Bush “shrub” is ridiculous. It is petulant and should stop. It will after Feb but many think it will be The One’s turn. Sorry Adam. It’s going to happen. Clinton knew how dangerous Islamic terrorism was since they had attacked us several times. Madeline Albright said we were at war with them. But the administration didn’t propagate that war.

  9. Big Dog says:

    Adam, libs set the table and that is the way it will be. As for going after the terrorists instead of the Dems get real. The Democrats have been lying about Al Qaeda strength all along. We will get bin Laden just as we have gotten all the #2s he has put up. AQ is weakening and we are winning the war, something that pains libs.

    I don’t blame Clinton for conducting 9/11, I blame him for setting the conditions to invite the attack which is what bin Laden himself told us.

    No Clinton did not shoot JFK, most libs don’t have guns and would not know how to use them. Besides, Clinton chickened out when it was his turn to grab a weapon and defend this country but he decided not to.

    Funny, libs always comment of the right blaming Clinton for everything but in the same breath they blame Bush for everything.

    And no Adam, it is not racist. The difference is, you have some predefined notion as to what sexist or racist is. Ghetto is not a term that necessarily bad and not racist. You choose to assign it that.

    Obama acts like he is from the hood with his peeps in their brown shirts attacking people but ghetto is not a racist term. A ghetto is not racist.

    Only in the minds of libs who assign racism to everything.

    Well F*ck Them all.

  10. Adam says:

    I firmly believe any actions on the part of the US that lead to 9/11 go back into both parties and many administrations. To say otherwise in my opinion is short sighted.

    You act like Bush has somehow undergone some form of disrespect that didn’t happen during the Clinton years. Get real. Folks on this site are treating Obama the same way that some folks treated Clinton, having never given Clinton chance and Obama not even elected and already there many on this site are calling him a failure.

    I have a predefined notion of what is racist and sexist because there are things that are racist and sexist no matter how you try to contextualize it. You can swear all you want about it but if you stop being racist and sexist then I’ll stop calling you that. It’s simple, really.

  11. Big Dog says:

    Fortunately, being old enough to be your father I don’t have to live in some predefined Adam world.

    You can call me racist and sexist all you want that does not make it so. You are like the kid who cried wolf.

    So go play with your chimpy Obama dolls and leave the discussion to the grown ups.

    Funny though, the black folks at the NBRA don’t think I’m a racist.

  12. Big Dog says:

    Not to mention that we gave Clinton a chance but we did not cover for him like the media did from before he was elected until he was lying to our faces.

    Just like they are doing with The One.

  13. Eli says:

    Look guys, Adam has a right to be angry if we’re not all homosexual, Ivy-League educated non-whites who just want a little government help to remove personal responsibility from our lives ;) It’s just that he doesn’t think anyone who isn’t that way has the right to live free or exercise control and personal responsibility in their lives. Blame Bush, right, Adam?