Iran Opposes Weapons Sales to Others

Iran is up in arms (pun intended) about a sale of sophisticated weapons to Saudi Arabia by the US. Iran claims that this is wrong and will undermine security in the Middle East (as if there is any). Iran is very upset that the weapons systems will enhance the striking ability of the Saudis. Poor, poor Iran.

Of course, I seem to recall that Iran has been supplying arms to Hamas and Hezbollah. Those weapons are being used against the Israelis and the Palestinians and yet Iran does not see this as undermining security. In Iran’s mind it is perfectly OK for them to arm the terrorists who are launching rockets into civilian neighborhoods but it is terrible that Saudi Arabia is getting weapons. As far as I know, Saudi Arabia is not attacking anyone.

I also find it interesting that Iran bought air defense systems from Russia and did not claim that those systems would undermine security. Why do you suppose it is that Iran would think it is OK to buy weapons systems for itself but think it is wrong for other countries to buy systems of their own?

I am not fond of the idea that we are selling any kind of weaponry to Saudi Arabia. I don’t think they are our allies. I believe they only tolerate us and they work to undermine us every chance they get. The only thing I like about the sale is that it upsets Iran.

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