Iran Needs to Learn a Lesson

The Iranians are playing a dangerous game with the rest of the world and it might bite them in their six. The Iranians have taken British sailors and Marines hostage and they did so by trespassing into Iraqi waters. I know there are disputes about this but the British have shown conclusive evidence and there are Iraqi witnesses who say the Brits were in the correct waters when they were abducted. This is nothing new for Ahmadinejad as he was one of the people who held Americans hostage during Carter’s reign of mendacity.

I proposed the solution from the get go but the leaders of the free nations lacked the testicular fortitude to do what I suggested. They should have targeted every major population center in Iran and told them that in six hours they would be wiped out. Screw the UN and the rest of the world because you can not trust any of them for help. The British went to the UN to get help and were blocked by the damned Russians who are obviously in bed with the Iranians. I think Britain should put in a proposal to block Russian trade with Iran because the damned Russians are selling the Iranian terrorists their nuclear materials. In any event, the UN is worthless and 15 British warriors sit in captivity.

The Iranians are liars as are most Muslim leaders who will say anything in order to advance their cause. They are forcing the British hostages to admit they were in Iranian water even though they were not and they made the female write a letter claiming that she and her mates were wrong. The British are not happy with this and it is going to get real ugly real fast if Iran does not stop playing games.

As for me, I am up for issuing an ultimatum giving Iran a deadline and then obliterating them if they do not listen. The UN and Russia can take an aeronautical intercourse at a revolving pastry if they do not like it. Britain is tired of playing games with that half ape Ahmadinejad and his pig screwing buddies. Issue the death threat and carry it out. Screw anyone who condemns and people will leave us and Britain the hell alone. Eliminate Iran and all her people. We must wipe them off the map.

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