Iran And Syria Had Nothing To Do With War, No Really

There are those who will buy that statement and who, quite frankly, have. They turn a blind eye to the events that led to the war, which by the way, were all under the “watchful” eyes of the UN. The UN failed to enforce the part of Resolution 1556 that applied to Hezbollah. Once Israel left Lebanon, Kofi Anus allowed Hezbollah to build a formidable force along the border in violation of the Resolution. The UN observers watched as Hezbollah got stronger and, in a show of support, they flew the Hezbollah flag right next to that of the UN.

When this war broke out everyone that was not in the kool-aid line could see that Syria and Iran were pulling the strings of its puppets in Hezbollah. Iran and Syria denied any involvement but the writing was on the wall. After all, how did Hezbollah get sophisticated weapons and from where did they come.

Looks like Israel has answered that question. Arms that were abandoned by Hezbollah when Israel overtook them bear markings of Syria and Iran. What? Say it isn’t so! The weaponry, especially the anti-tank weapons, were developed in Russia and later manufactured by Iran. The markings clearly indicate that the two terrorist sponsors, Iran and Syria, had their hands in the pot and were stirring things up. It appears as if Iran is aware that Israel found the weapons and can draw a straight line to them. They might be worried about reprisal because one of the peaceful clerics is warning Israel that any act of aggression toward Iran will result in missiles being launched at them. Iran boasts missiles that will travel 2000 km.

I am pretty sure that the Patriots will shoot down those long range missiles but any act like this from Iran would be a kiss of death. Iran and its peaceful clerics would do well to remember that Israel has a lot of long range missiles and it actually has nuclear weapons. Iran is working on them but has yet to produce them. An attack on Israel might result in a nuke landing in Tehran.

I wonder if Kofi Anus will be out telling Iran that it is not allowed to launch missiles or if he will allow it and then condemn an Israeli response? I wonder if he will acknowledge the failures of the UN observers who allowed Syria and Iran to ship weapons to Hezbollah in the first place. No, in all probability, Kofi Anus will continue to criticize Israel for not following resolutions.

For those who think this war is over or that the Muslims will follow the Resolutions, you are only deluding yourselves. There will be more bloodshed and it will be very soon. Maybe we should have made Mike Wallace wear a bomb vest when he did his interview with Iranian President Aman-named-jihad.

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