Invasion of the iPod People

Those who follow the Democrats will no longer be pod people, they will be iPod people…

The Democrats are famous for encouraging dependence on government. That is how they continue in office. They brainwash people with handouts and those people, in turn, breed offspring raised to depend on government. The whole philosophy of liberals is the redistribution of wealth by taxing people and then using that money to give things to others. Some social programs certainly have merit but by and large they are a waste of money. The government has never run anything efficiently. Look at Social Security and it is easy to see that the government takes in billions and that money is wasted while worthless IOUs are placed in the cash drawer. Any money that remains earns paltry interest while those who invest in the private sector make much more and are better prepared for retirement. But by extorting money from us the government can dangle it as a carrot when ever there is a crisis and they fear losing office. Democrats love to remind seniors how the terrible Republicans will take SS away. This also ensures that people will retire without great means and will continue to depend on government.

The Democrats in Michigan have decided that they want to start early in the reeducation of our youth. Michigan Democrats want to teach the youth of the state that they are owed things and that the government should buy them those things. There is a bill that would require the state to buy every school kid an iPod. Now I have an iPod that I bought with my own money. It is a nice gadget and I enjoy listening to the music I have on it. I also know that it is a luxury item and has no value other than entertainment (and keeping Steve Jobs in cash). Michigan already has a budget crisis and they are swimming in so much red ink they will never get back in the black, at least not as long as Democrats are in charge and not as long as they come up with ideas to buy kids things they do not need.

I suppose one could argue that they are encouraging kids to go to school. I don’t buy it. If you want them to go to school take them to the local jail and introduce them to the uneducated pukes that are living behind bars. The state should not be buying luxury items for anyone, period. This state should not be adding any more debt to the books because they will never be fiscally sound. I just wonder what Michigan will do next to waste money and mold young minds into the liberal mindset of entitlements. “I deserve an iPod now give it up and while you are at it give me my welfare check.” What will be next? Will they buy kids a cable box so they have cable TV? Hell, it is Michigan, why don’t they just buy each kid a car when he gets his license (though wouldn’t a program like that keep kids in school?) Why not get them all a laptop while we are at it because they will need some method of uploading their songs. Then we need to get them broadband access so they can steal buy music online to put in the iPod. It will be an endless cycle of give me, give me, give me just like it is at the federal level with adults who have bought into the liberal philosophy.

Maryland is getting close to this kind of stupidity. There is a very liberal jackass in the Governor’s mansion and a very liberal Democratic majority in the legislature. They are passing every liberal bill they can and they are sharpening their talons so they can sink them into the back of the taxpayer. By this time next year Marylanders who actually work and do fairly well will pay higher taxes on everything. I would not be surprised if they tax the air we breathe (and tax us again because when we exhale we release CO2 and cause global warming). Maryland is providing college tuition for ILLEGALS. Yep, citizens pay the full price but the ILLEGALS get another free ride. We already let them get driver’s licenses (so we can track them, says the idiots in Annapolis).

The Governor is looking to spend millions in taxpayer money to bail out hospitals and will hurt us with the new living wage proposal, that amazingly only helps union workers working on state contracts. The blow hards in Annapolis are looking at Massachusetts to model our universal health care (another right like the iPod) and they already adopted the California emission standards for our cars. Yep, it will not be long before some idiot in Annapolis decides that we need to give the chirren iPods and every other gadget. This will help the poor parents so they won’t go broke at Christmas. It will also raise a fresh generation of people with mush for brains who follow the Democratic Party with their hands out; “Please sir, may I have some more.”

The Editorial in the Detroit News about the iPods in Michigan ended with this:

The only responsible option is to bring spending in line with current revenues. The mission must be to expand the tax base, rather than to expand taxes, by crafting a budget that encourages growth.

We won’t get there by wasting money on early Christmas presents for Michigan kids.

This is absolutely correct except Michigan is rapidly being taken over by Muslims. They would not appreciate the iPod, to which they are entitled by the way, being considered a Christmas present.

Wake up America…

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Invasion of the iPod People”

  1. Smokey says:

    UM – BD – are you referring to all people with iPods as “iPod people”? I ask only because I have an iPod, filled as much as I can with conservative podcasts and such. Well, I also have those that are just the funny strings of leftist/loony comments, ya gotta have entertainment right?

  2. Big Dog says:

    Smokey, that would only be the people who got their free iPod from the government.

    I bet you bought yours (or it was a gift from someone who bought it)

  3. Schatzee says:

    UNBELIEVABLE – what ever happened to earning things? Raising a generation of spoiled entitled liberals is just what we need.

    And don’t get me started on the illegals and tuition – I am still paying off student loans (and will be forever) and I’m native to this country (in the true sense). Unreal. If only I could rule the world for one day…lol

  4. Bosun says:

    Gee Bigdog,

    I just got my wife to buy me a 30 GB IPOD Video, so that I can download Rick Roberts and Michael Savage podcasts. However, in saying that, I can see your point about the typical Donkey Liberal exploiting a perfectly good piece of technology for his or her own elitist ideals.

    Technology is a double edged sword and can be used for good and for bad. Kind of like gun control. Guns don’t kill people, people do. In the same vain, IPODs don’t exploit people, people exploit themselves and others.

    You are the greatest, my friend. Have a good day.