Intolerant Homos Resort To Violence

The homosexual community is in a snit because Proposition 8 passed in California. Prop 8 changed the California Constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman. The proposition might have failed if it were not for the huge turn out in black voters who showed up to vote for Obama.

For years gays have told the rest of us that we had to accept their agenda and that we needed to be tolerant. They scoff at any attempt to define marriage as anything that excludes the union of same sex couples and they continually force their agenda on school systems so that our children are taught that Johnny can have two dads or two moms.

Well, it looks like those who expect tolerance are not willing to give tolerance as the gay community has resorted to violence because they did not like the outcome of the vote on Prop 8. The gays have blamed the black community and started calling them “niggers” and they blamed the Mormons who received white powder in the mail and had the Book of Mormon burned on the steps of one of their churches. All these acts were done by gay activists. Additionally, an 80 year old woman was assaulted by a bunch of tolerant gays because she held a Cross up at a rally.

Why is it that when a vote goes the way they want these people say that the will of the people has been shown and that we should respect the decision. There were no riots from non gays and there were no assaults on gays after a judge overturned the last vote which demonstrated the will of the people. The opponents went to work crafting a proposition that would change the California Constitution and keep activist judges from legislating from the bench.

Early on it looked as if Prop 8 would be defeated but a lot of supporters pumped money in to defeat it. The gay community, aided by California Governor Schwarzenegger, is trying to challenge the results in court. The Governor and the gay community are hoping that a judge will once again overrule the will of the people. Why do we have votes if judges can interfere in the process? The people of California have spoken and that is the end of the issue. The law says that a proposition that changes the California Constitution takes effect the day after the election (or in this case after the absentee ballots were counted and the results confirmed) so one man and one woman is now the definition of marriage in that state.

Suppose the millions of Americans who did not like the Obama victory decided to start sending suspicious substances in the mail or assaulted people who voted for Obama and then worked to have a judge overturn the election. Of course, there are lawsuits challenging Obama’s qualification but that is a Constitutional issue. In any event, it is unlikely that any judge has the testicular fortitude to require Obama show a vault copy of his birth certificate. Judges don’t seem to be too keen on the Constitution these days.

As for gay community, they are not playing this very intelligently. They are attacking people to try to get their way which seems a bit queer to me. Do they really think more people will become sympathetic to their cause after watching them act like animals? Interestingly, gays across the country staged rallies in opposition to the results of Prop 8 and one held a sign that read “Don’t spread H8.” Maybe they should start at home and work outward. No one beat that guy up but I bet there would have been violence if there was a sign that read “Don’t spread AIDS” held up by an opponent…

Be wary of the gay community. They have come out of the closet and now instead of preaching tolerance they are committing crimes and trying to browbeat people into giving them their way.

If attacked, shoot first and ask questions later.

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7 Responses to “Intolerant Homos Resort To Violence”

  1. GeorgiaDawg says:

    I really expect to see Barney and his Bo to get onboard with these now radical cronies, and make something happen in our beloved nations capital(The Land of Milk And Honey)<the next four years will be a wild ride,Hang on folks for your life.

  2. Robert says:

    You know what I found funny?

    The Gays blame the blacks and hispanics for Prop 8 passing. BUT they didn’t protest in South LA, or Echo Park or any MAJORITY Black or Hispanic areas.. Where di they protest? The Mormons.. Sounds like liberal little cowards to me.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Is there any other kind of liberal than a coward?

    They attack 80 year old women. Have you seen them attack people like you or me?

    They like to be whipped, but not like that…

  4. MsWA says:

    This is something I have never understood (not that I want to) – we are all supposed to be “tolerant” and understanding toward people we don’t agree with – but the minute THEY don’t agree with US, it’s onward and upward with the protests, picketing and violence. We are supposed to support and help and unite with Obama, but liberals can barely stomach the sight of President Bush.

    It’s bombing the building to protest the war (Ayers, anyone?).

  5. Barbara says:

    The gays don’t just want marriage. If they got that, it would be something else they would get violent about. They just want to control and push their lifestyle on us. However, what you sow, you eventually reap and they sure will have a lot of horrible reaping coming back to them.

  6. nanc says:

    while not all gays will exhibit this type of behavior – many are appalled – they are harming their own movement when they take it to these limits.

    i wholeheartedly disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, but will not let my feelings about it interfere with their peaceful assembly.

    they mock God, He will not be mocked.

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