Interview with Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

A little humor to take your mind off the bad things in life…

As you know, John Kerry went goose hunting in Ohio. Kerry decided to show everybody what a regular guy he is by pandering to the gun owners and hunters in America.

We caught up with Ace Ventura, Pet Detective to ask him about the goose hunting expedition.

Us: Mr. Ventura, a lot has been made about John Kerry and those geese he allegedly shot. Can you give us your impression about Kerry and his hunting escapades?

Ace: You have read in the papers that John Kerry went hunting and shot at least one goose. (swwuuuuuuth, Taking deep breath) What you wouldn’t read about is how John Kerry lost his mind, dressed up in camouflage, grabbed a shotgun and headed for the woods only to be met by a bunch of reporters who he banished from the hunt while he walked into the woods with his band of brother hunters and a dog by his side with high expectations of shedding his image of a gun grabbing liberal senator from Massachusetts who voted for every form of gun control and supports the group PETA only to emerge with three or four dead birds carried by others while he cradled his shotgun avoiding most questions.(swwuuuuth, Taking deep breath)
That man is an imposter, that’s not John Kerry, John Kerry hates guns!

Us: Thank you Ace

There you have it. Ace Ventura debunks another Kerry myth.

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