Intended Consequences Of Immigration Executive Order

There is a thing called unintended consequences where something is done and the consequences of the action are not thought through (and they can be good or bad). When they happen people never saw them coming. For example, Congress passes a bill that only affects employers with more than 50 workers. Small businesses reduce their workforce so they are not affected by the law (Obamacare is a prime example). Time and again this happens but they keep passing bills that harm people. The consequences were unintended but they happened.

The illegal actions Barack Obama has taken regarding immigration is a different monster. In this case the consequences were anticipated and intended. Obama wants to bring people who are here illegally into the spotlight and give them a legal status. He is operating way outside his authority but no one seems to want to stop him (and I mean to really put the brakes on his plans). Many talk a good game but do little to actually stop what is happening.

Illegals will be able to file income taxes and claim credits from years past. They will get taxpayer dollars even though they NEVER paid into the system. They are being rewarded with OUR money for breaking the law.

Illegals who fall under the Obama Executive Order will also be able to register to vote and vote in elections. It is illegal for them to do so but that will not stop them. The states do not have the manpower to weed out applications to see who is registered legally and who is not. This is all by design because Democrats want more voters.

Some Democrat lawmakers comically assert that they doubt anyone who falls under this umbrella would risk deportation by voting in an election. Really? So the same people who broke the law to get here and who risk deportation each day they are here would NEVER break the law and risk deportation by voting particularly when there is little risk of getting caught. Right. These people are either idiots or they think we are.

Barack Obama and his minions do not want restrictions. They do not want to go after illegals and they do not want to deport anyone because the overwhelming majority of these people support Democrats. This is all a backdoor amnesty designed to increase the number of Democrat voters.

In addition, these people will drain our resources even more than they already are by receiving tax refunds (if you can call it a refund when you paid nothing in), welfare and Obamacare.

This needs to stop and we need to put every member of Congress who supports this as well as Obama on trial for violating their oath to this nation. They are taking us down from within and they need to be stopped.

We tried the soapbox and the ballot box so we are running out of options.

[UPDATE] This article claims the illegals paid into the system for years but were unable to get benefits. Perhaps BUT, they were not supposed to be here and if they paid in were doing so under false pretenses. And really, does anyone believe they were not receiving benefits because they were not allowed to?…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Intended Consequences Of Immigration Executive Order”

  1. john says:

    the total amount of illegals here is lower under Obama than under Bush
    The average length of time an illegal has been here is over 7 years

    • Big Dog says:

      You keep believing that John. There are as many as under Bush and Clinton. You can’t say there are fewer just because they count someone turned around at the border as a reduction.

      It is also important to note that is not relevant. We should not be rewarding ANY illegal. Even rewarding one is wrong.

  2. Barbara says:

    John boy , you are so full of it , I can smell you on here. ILLEGALS deserve NOTHING.Obama needs to be deported along with the illegals, and the Muslims he is filling up OUR White House with.