Instead Of Babs We Should Call Her Sags

Sags Streisand

The question of the day is, what does Bar(no)bra Streisand have between her breasts that she did not have when she was younger? The answer is her NAVEL! This is a picture of Sags that was at Drudge. It is not bad enough that age and gravity have taken their toll but Sags is not wearing a bra. She should try one of those under wire jobs, maybe with a wire made out of winch cable.

Over The Hill Bosom Buddy Bra

I saw a picture of her a few days ago and I thought at that time she was looking quite rough (it was a head shot). Now that I have seen the upper body shot I realize she has been ridden hard an put away wet more than a few times. It would appear she has been around the block more times than the Good Humor man.

This, ladies and gentlemen, should be added to the list of ghastly women who are the faces of the Democratic party. Yep, that would give me nightmares if I were a donk.

Daily Mail

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5 Responses to “Instead Of Babs We Should Call Her Sags”

  1. Laurie says:

    The other affect of koolaid that no one talks about… the mistaken idea that you can get away with all the stuff you got away with when you were in your early 20s. Does she think she looks good? Classy? Gawd. Stay in your backyard, Babs…. and I hope your neighbors have high fences.

  2. Debbie says:

    She’s getting on in years. I wonder how many face lifts she has had. With all her money you would think she could get a boob lift too. Or at least cover them up. Sad.

  3. mikem says:

    There is nothing wrong… retch…with a confident empowered woman…barf…being proud of her body…gag… no matter her age…spew…….

  4. Big Dog says:

    God help us if she decides to make exercise videos….

  5. Big Dog says:

    I should have called this the boob shows her boobs…