Innocent Until Proven…

Well, the Rove controversy will not go away. Despite the fact that the news media said no crime was committed and Rove did not disclose the name of a covert agent (he did not disclose the name and she was not covert) the democratic smear machine is in full swing throwing accusations around. As I stated before, the party that said the evidence against Bill Clinton should be examined before anyone makes any rash judgements is rushing to judgement in the Rove case. They have called for his resignation before any decisions have been made by the people investigating the incident.

Now we have Rove hosting a Capitol Hill fund raiser for Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele who might make a run at the senate seat being vacated by the retiring Paul Sarbanes. Tuesday night the fund raiser was held and both Rove and Steele entered through a side door because there were about 40 people with no lives protesters were making noise. This is what one of the numb nuts had to say:

Tom Hucker, executive director of Progressive Maryland, said Steele should not be linking himself with Rove because of Rove’s possible legal and ethical problems.

“No one who would choose Karl Rove as a friend is fit to serve in the U.S. Senate,” Hucker said

Rove has not been convicted of any crime and this jackass is saying that anyone who is his friend is not fit to serve in the senate. Well, using that logic (or lack thereof) let me say that Bill Clinton had nothing but legal and ethical problems. His entire eight years in office was nothing but scandal, and legal and ethical problems, not to mention a few moral ones. Yet a large number of senators are his friend and were all throughout his crime ridden terms in office. Therefore, all of them are not fit to serve in the US Senate. So I expect Mr. Hucker to demand recall elections to remove these unfit people.

The other thing that is quite odd is that people think that Rove should not be involved in fund raising. Here are the words of another idiot:

In a statement, Democratic National Committee spokesman Josh Earnest attacked Rove for continuing to raise money while under an ethical and legal cloud.

“The Rove money machine doesn’t seem to stop for anything, not for special prosecutors or possible threats to the nation’s national security,” he said

As I recall, the Clintons did nothing but use Air Force One to travel around and raise money. He was always out raising money for one democratic candidate or another. They flew all over and especially enjoyed the company of their liberal idiot friends in Hollywood. Bill was a money raising machine. He raised it for campaigns as well as his legal defense fund. Note to the DNC: If a President needs a legal defense fund he has a lot of problems with the law and is very corrupt. I am particularly amused by the comments of a “legal and ethical cloud” as well as he “does not stop for special prosecutors and threats to our national security.”

First of all, I already discussed ethical and legal issues and the champion of those is Clinton. Yet, he never stopped. Like the Energizer Bunny he kept going and going to every fund raiser around. Secondly, Clinton did everything he could including claiming that he was immune from prosecution while in office, to evade the special prosecutor. He stonewalled Ken Starr and tried everything to avoid testifying. It is very obvious by his parsing of words like “IS” that he was avoiding the truth. As far as threats to national security, I have posted many times that Clinton was responsible for the climate that fostered the attacks. In addition, these people making this claim are the same ones who keep telling us that there is no threat. They are the ones who think we do not need the Patriot Act, or that Club Gitmo should be shut down because it is unnecessary. Someone please tell these jackasses that they can not have it both ways. Either there is a threat or there is not. If there is, shut up and let us handle it. If not, then their argument against Rove is pointless.

The left will keep playing this for all it is worth (which isn’t much) and keep trying to convict Rove in the press. They use their double standards and outright lies to push their failed policies and agendas on the American people. With the donks, republicans are guilty from the start and facts do not change their opinion. Democrats on the other hand are always innocent even when proven guilty.

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