Inmate Gives Criminal A Run In West Virginia

Barack Obama is not well liked in West Virginia. His policies involving the coal industry, a major source of income for West Virginia, are unfriendly to the industry and people are not happy with him.

The criminal in the White House faced a rather unique challenger in the Democrat primary in West Virginia. A Texas inmate filed the necessary paperwork to be on the ballot in that state and was Obama’s challenger.

Keith Judd, who is serving time in a Texas jail, received 40% of the votes in the primary race.

That’s right, Barack Obama received 60% of the vote and an inmate received 40%.

The inmate gave the criminal a run for his money in a race that featured the equivalent of “no vote” for the incumbent. This is a pattern that has played out in a number of states only West Virginia is the first place where he ran against an inmate.

Incidentally, the inmate did better than people in other states who are running against Obama.

Obama lost West Virginia in the 2008 election to both Hillary Clinton in the primary and John McCain in the general election so it is very unlikely that he will take the state this November particularly with his stance on coal.

But it is a very embarrassing result for the Obama campaign and the headline splashed across Drudge draws more attention to it than the campaign would want.

This is even better than the picture of the empty seats Obama spoke to earlier this week.

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  1. Blake says:

    Now THAT’S funny, I don’t care who you are-