Inept Judge Releases Child Molester!

A man who was generously granted asylum in this country betrayed the goodness of our people by raping a 7 year old child for a period of a year. Three years ago, Mahamu Kanneh of West Africa, was arrested in Gaithersburg Maryland for the sexual assault and the case went to trial. It has been going on for about three years and today a judge, Katherine Savage, dropped the charges because there was no interpreter for this child molesting pervert. There have been several interpreters throughout the last three years and reports today indicate an interpreter was in court interpreting for this man when he was released (the interpreter can be heard on the audio of the case!).

Rapist Animal

This is a gross miscarriage of justice and Judge Savage needs to be removed from the bench. The prosecutor in the case has filed an appeal and let’s hope he is successful so Kanneh can be put back behind bars before he rapes again. Judge Savage, if you have daughters make sure they are locked in the house, you let a pervert run free. Girls, mommy put you and the children of many parents across the state in danger by letting an animal go. This guy will rape again and next time is likely to kill a child at which time that judge should receive the death penalty.

If there was a problem, why not stay the case until an interpreter was found? I am sure that somewhere in this country we have a person who speaks the same language as this child raping filth. The last thing we needed was to have him released to prey upon other children.

The biggest scam in this case is that the pervert in question reportedly speaks ENGLISH! The guy conducted an interview in English, he attended college and learned in English and yet he does not understand it well enough to stand trial??? If he speaks English he should be held in contempt and if not it demonstrates that we need to FORCE immigrants to learn our language. We should force them to learn English or send them back to their home nation. Personally, I do not care why he received asylum. As far as I am concerned send him back and let someone there kill him.

Maybe we will get lucky and a drunk ILLEGAL Mexican will run over this piece of dung and kill him. The pervert will be dead and the ILLEGAL in jail. Gets rid of two of them at one time.

**The photo is form the Fox website. People should know who to look out for.


Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Inept Judge Releases Child Molester!”

  1. Big Dog says:

    If this POS had molested my children or grandchild he would not make it a block from the court before I snapped his head off and gave it to the judge as a reminder of tough justice.

    Be on the lookout for this guy, like say in a crosswalk…

  2. Sandra says:

    Even tho Im not in MD I just wanted to see what the scums face looked like!! Thanks and God has bigger plans for him!!!

  3. Virginia says:

    I would love that piece of crap to try and break into my house, I would put a hole in him big enough to drive a hummer through. Makes me sick, to see such corrupt justice system.

  4. hdrk05 says:

    making a hole that size takes away from the torture he should get and rightfully deserves. I live in MD and am looking for a hood ornament.