In The Liberal World The Superbowl Would End In A Tie

In the world of liberals they not only want a level playing field but equality of outcomes. I think everyone agrees that people should have the same opportunities in life and in America those opportunities are there. However, just because everyone has the same opportunity does not mean that everyone takes advantage of it. The phrase about leading a horse to water comes to mind.

People have the opportunity to go to school and study to get good grades. Some do just that while others either waste their time or drop out. It is only the fault of the one who did so when his outcome is different.

This does not stop liberals from insisting that everyone not only have the vaunted level playing field (which they do) but that the outcomes for everyone be the same. In the world of the liberal everyone should have the same amount of wealth and should have houses and cars and all kinds of other stuff simply because they exist. If they fail to achieve those things then liberals look to redistributive policies to ensure equality of outcome.

Not everyone is a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg. Therefore, not everyone deserves the same outcomes these people had and since they are liberals they are left alone. Liberals, by and large, go after the wealthy with whom they disagree or say they disagree. The liberals excoriate Wall Street types (while praising the Occupy Wall Street mob) but take millions of dollars from Wall Street. They call them bad and insist that they and other rich folks (the definition of which changes regularly) need to have their money taken so that things will be equal for all. Obama tells us that Jesus wanted that by claiming there is a mandate in the to whom much is given, much is required passage. That passage never says that wealth is involved and it certainly does not tell us that government is supposed to make it so.

In any event, in the liberal world the Superbowl would always end in a tie. The playing field is a level one and the teams are evenly matched and in the real world that is sufficient. It is up to the teams to take it from there and work hard to win. Even teams that are not evenly matched are required to go out and work hard. They are expected to try to win the game.

Liberals would have none of that. You see, to them it would be necessary that once the playing field was level and both teams had the same opportunity to win that they both have the same outcome. Equality of outcome would require a tie because both teams cannot possibly win.

This is how they feel about life and it is how they would feel if they ran the Superbowl.

But in real life the outcomes are not the same. Some people achieve greatness and others live happy, peaceful lives that they believe are fulfilling. People have the same opportunity but they do not have the same outcome and that is OK. Without the possibility of achieving something more than someone else our society would stagnate.

Be thankful that the liberal philosophy is not in force at the Superbowl.

Regular Americans expect both teams to play their best and that the team that plays better will win. Regular Americans would be appalled at the idea of a tie because the outcome must be the same.

And yet, millions of Americans have no problem demanding an equal outcome in all other aspects of life.

The sad thing is that many so called leaders feel the same way.

Funny though. Those leaders don’t want a tie or an equal outcome when they are running for office. They want to win.

Yes, class warfare and equality of outcome is for the little people, not those in government who fail to follow our Constitution and who fail to lead. For them, life is about things being slanted in their favor from insider trading to tax breaks that others cannot get. It is about access and being treated as if they are special.

If they lived by what they preached they would soon abandon the idea that equality of outcome is a good idea.

Until the day comes when we get rid of all these people and their anti American policies we will just have to be happy that they have not injected their stupidity into the Superbowl.

Tie games suck just like equality of outcomes in all other aspects of life.

Or as Alan West said, take that stuff and get the hell out…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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