In Saudi, Get Raped, Get Punished

As if we needed another indication of what a backwards country Saudi Arabia is, the courts there have ordered a woman who was gang raped to receive 200 lashes because she rode in a care with people to whom she was not related. A 19 year old woman was raped by six men who have all been sent to prison. She was originally ordered to get 90 lashes for her part in the crime but the court must have figured that being gang raped was not bad enough so they increased it to 200 lashes.

What kind of backward country do these people live in? How can anyone punish a rape victim regardless of who she was riding in a car with? This woman was a victim of the oppressive attitudes that Muslim men (if you can really call these sand fleas men) have for women. I think it was great that they jailed the rapists but the fact that they are punishing the woman shows they have no regard for the law and they have no regard for women.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the very same law (Sharia) that the Muzzies want to bring to this country. They have stated that their goal is to make America a Muslim society and that Sharia Law will trump our Constitution. This is the kind of thing they want to bring here and impose on us and as long as liberals appease these bastards they have a shot of succeeding. Thank God there are many of us who have the means to fight against the takeover.

The Muslims in that part of the world live in the stone ages. They follow the rules of a child molesting sun worshiper and they treat human life as unimportant with women ranking below most domesticated animals.

All I can say is if my wife or daughter were gang raped (or raped at all) the rapists had better hope the police got to them before I did or there would not be enough of them left to make a DNA analysis. If I lived in a country where a judge imposed lashes on my wife or daughter after being raped I am afraid there would be one less judge in this world and any person who tried to administer those lashes would have a whip strategically placed in his rectal cavity.

This is why these people use the desert like a cat box and make few contributions to the world. Hell, they would not know what to do with all that oil if a westerner hadn’t shown them. They are too obsessed with their prehistoric culture of violence and death. They are stuck in the world developed for them by Mohammad the idiot child molesting false prophet and they continue to lead lives that are not worth much to the world as a whole.

I can only hope they kill each other off at a rate higher than their birth rate so we can be rid of them once and for all.


Big Dog

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7 Responses to “In Saudi, Get Raped, Get Punished”

  1. irtexas44 says:

    I think this was the girl that accepted a ride home from someone she worked with. She will not make it through 200 lashes. These are the most backward people in the world. I’m still pissed that they will not let our women in the military leave their base with out being covered by a berka. Screw them. I had a friend over there in the Gulf War and she refused to leave the base because she refused to cover up her uniform. I realized the other day that I have been in contact with these mental morons for 32 years one field or another. Nothing has changed. I love when they coming running out saying that we are killing their women and children. Well if these brave ball- less wonders AKA grown men didn’t use their women and children for shields to protect themselves then their women and children would not be harmed. They are the ones putting them in danger not us.

    There was another one in one of the online papers last week too. A fourteen y/o girl was raped by her older brother and got pregnant. She complained and she was executed by being shot in the head. Her brother told the judge he was sorry and he was excused. I love their justice system. All for one man and the rest of the men. How fair can they get? I can only hope that one day the women wake up and shoot all their asses off. That would be a holiday. I can’t wait to see them rot in hell. I do how ever commend the ones that have started to wake up and join us to get rid of the belly crawlers.

  2. Adam says:

    Saudi is another case of how the US will be friends with a crap nation for strategic purposes. Our own president holds the hands of Saudi leaders in our nation’s capitol while the human rights violations reach higher than anyone can count. The majority of 9/11 Hijackers were Saudis but that’s okay, they’re our friends. Saudi Arabia is a piece of sh*t but we sure do love their black stuff.

    However, almost a 4th of the world’s nations are Muslim majority nations. I think it’s important to note the differences between a nation like Saudi and a nation like Egypt when it comes to laying blame at the feet of Islam itself.

  3. Big Dog says:

    It is not unusual for our leaders to be friends with people we do not like. The Clintons met with Arafat more than any other leader and Carter loved the guy and his Palestinian terror buddies.

    I hate Saudi but we must put this at the feet of all Muslims who embrace Sharia law and especially the ones who want that here…

    We like oil but don’t get most of it from them. We should just take it from Iraq so the Dems can feel they were right.

  4. Adam says:

    I hold more that we didn’t want to get oil from Iraq, but to disrupt oil supplies, get the prices raised, and to flex American muscle there. Now that I’m not in San Francisco I’m really feeling the pinch of oil prices again.

  5. Big Dog says:

    I don’t think we disrupted it though. Because of sanctions Iraq was not exporting oil. The only oil leaving the country was through the illegal oil for food scam where some world leaders got rich.

    The US has little influence on the cost of oil (except our use drives up the price because of demand).

    I assume you mean you have to drive more and that it is colder here because gas prices in San Fran are not cheap.

  6. Adam says:

    I didn’t own a car in SF. I was able to walk to work every day and ride the bus or train to do shopping and what not. Pretty cheap.

  7. Big Dog says:

    I can see how that makes a difference…