In Florida Alien is Offensive; Breaking the Law is Not

A Democrat in Florida, Sen. Frederica Wilson from Miami has introduced legislation to remove the word “Alien” from Illegal Alien on state documents. She thinks of an alien as something from outer space (though we have yet to contact such a being). Wilson said she finds the word alien offensive, especially when it is applied to children because with the Democrats it is all about the children.

Wilson indicated that she can live with the word “illegal” but prefers undocumented. This is typical liberal prattle and it is designed to soften the attack on America. We have ILLEGALS coming in all the time but calling them that might make Americans take a tougher stance on ILLEGALS. So, Wilson likes the softened verbiage so that she can condition Americans to feel that these folks are victims of circumstance and, OK they broke the law, but they are nice people who do jobs that no American wants to do.

This is the kind of mindless stupidity that takes place in the Democratic Party. We are worried that ILLEGALS might have some stigma attached to them for breaking the law. What will this jackass want next? Perhaps we will call bank robbers undocumented account closers, or murderers undocumented late term abortion doctors. Maybe we can start calling all the ILLEGAL guns on the streets (probably in the possession of ILLEGAL aliens, undocumented weapons.

Perhaps we should start getting tougher on ILLEGALS instead of placating them. They broke the law to get here and that is really all we need to know. As I stated before, when your first act in this country is to break the law, you do not deserve freedom and you do not deserve to be rewarded with citizenship.


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8 Responses to “In Florida Alien is Offensive; Breaking the Law is Not”

  1. Smokey says:

    Hey Big Dog – I am a citizen, and there are no jobs I will not do, I just won’t do them for slave wages! That’s the part no one says, is that they are really just protecting the rights of employers to have people they can exploit, who won’t report it for fear of deportation!

  2. Laurie says:

    She has on her tin foil hat, it is blocking the signals that the aliens are sending.

  3. TexasFred says:

    When I heard the name Sen. Frederica Wilson (D), my moonbat alarm went off, for good reason it looks like..


    Beware America! when labour/democrats get power insanity follows behind.
    We have just been informed that Corby a British town is too white and for this reason public jobs are to be moved to a less white area.
    Cultural marxism will go full speed ahead there with a democrat government so be warned!
    The word alien is very clear as is the meaning don’t allow the double speak loonies to brainwash you all.
    I’d go further use the term more and more!
    Imagine if i stated that London has become too Asian or Arabic it’s true but one must not state the obvious anymore.

  5. Wilson says:

    The only downside in blogging is that the absurdity of our so called leadership scares the %@#$% out of me! How does this legislator carry on an intelligent conversation??

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  7. Virginia says:

    ALL Illegals, should be rounded up and ship back.