In Bed with the Enemy

The US has a relatively new item on the battlefield and that is the use of reporters embedded in the unit. They chronicle the actions of the troops and get an up front account of history. This was first viewed with a lot of skepticism but was much more accepted as time went on. For the most part, the reporters gave a fair shake and they were learning first hand how tough life in combat can be. It would appear that one network has decided that it would rather be in bed with the enemy than embedded with our troops.

CNN had a reporter who filmed terrorist snipers as they shot and injured or killed American service members. This is despicable on a number of counts. They sat by and watched as our guys were shot and they aired the video. It was not bad enough that they did not have the decency to stay with our troops rather than plot with the enemy but then they aired the video so people at home can see our troops get killed. The video also assisted the terrorists in getting out their propaganda film. CNN aided and abetted the enemy.

Now, the chair of the Armed Services Committee has requested that the Pentagon remove CNN from the list of networks that can embed its reporters. Chair Duncan Hunter wants them recalled and I hope the Pentagon grants the request. CNN has given up its right to be with our troops by being with our enemy. They claim that the video’s “news value outweighed other concerns.” As I wrote in this post, CNN is not interested in news value. If they were they would show the pictures of the savages cutting off heads. They might even show pictures of our troops helping innocent Iraqis. Instead they decided to air footage of our troops being killed. I guess CNN had little choice, their ratings are so dismal they had to do something.

I do not, nor will I ever watch them. I hope many more Americans feel the same way. I can’t wait to see them withdrawn from the units and I can’t wait to hear how they claim victim status. Well CNN, life is full of choices and with those choices come consequences. You chose to be in bed with the enemy and now you can go home.

News Channel 3 (ABC)

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2 Responses to “In Bed with the Enemy”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    Thanks for writing about this. I agree with you.

  2. GM Roper says:

    Large Mutt, I’ve deliberately not posted on this topic, as I really try to refrain from cussing and I do not think that I could write the post with any degree of feeling without the cussing. So, I’m delighted and gratified that you have done so well with this. Great job my oversized canine friend. Great job!!!