In a Word Senator Kennedy, NO!

Senator Ted Kennedy is the chairman of the Senate committee with jurisdiction over numerous health issues which is appropriate because he is a Senator with many health issues. The unfortunate thing is this boob wants universal health care coverage for everyone and he cites the debacle in Massachusetts as the bellwether for the nation. This plan, orchestrated by former Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, is a regressive plan that will cost at least two (more likely three) times the estimated cost. In addition to its many flaws it FORCES people to get health care coverage even if they do not want it. Someone as rich as Bill Gates, who can afford health care out of pocket, would be required to get health insurance in Kennedy’s home state. This lunacy will keep Romney from getting the support of the Republican base.

The US has the best health care delivery system in the world. It is better than anyone’s regardless of what you have been told by the liberals and those who are in search of socialized medicine. We have plenty of problems, not the least of which, are the legal issues that plague the health care industry. Congress has continually failed to address these very real issues in order to allow their lawyer friends to get rich. The ambulance chaser John Edwards mad his fortune exploiting this system. Another problem is that states basically decide what must be included in the coverage offered to people in the state. This means that people have to accept and pay for things they might not want. Allowing people to select from a basic package and then charging them for items they add on will allow people to customize their insurance coverage to their needs. This too, is unlikely to happen. Perhaps one other option would be to open clinics and make doctors who owe student loans work in them until their loans are repaid.

What we will get instead, is this idiot Kennedy and the liberals in Congress forcing universal health care on all Americans. It is not bad enough that I have to pay for the coverage for my family but now I will pay more in taxes to take care of someone else. The cost of universal health care will be astronomical and will cause the economy to tank. The federal government can not run anything efficiently. I defy Kennedy or any other Congressperson to tell us one thing that the government has done that is efficient. Tell us just one thing that came in at or under the projected cost. They can not do it. Remember folks, Kennedy was responsible for the Big Dog and all its cost over runs. A piece of it fell off and killed a woman and now they need even more of our money to fix it. All this because the government is inept. Health care under government rule would cause huge delays and we would be like Canada where people with months on end for procedures that we in America can get today if we need them.

The reason that members of Congress think this is great is because it will not affect them. You or I might have to wait months to get bypass surgery but you don’t think Clinton would wait now do you. All of the so called elitist class would be exempt from these rules. Congress always exempts itself. What Americans need is health care coverage like they have. They will keep what they have while forcing BS on the rest of us. I know it is hard for you to believe but Congress does in fact make rules that we have to follow and they do not. Take Pelosi’s edict that there will be no smoking in the Capital (in an area where they all smoked). She indicated that members would still be able to smoke in their offices. It has been against the law to smoke in federal government buildings for years. The Capital is THE federal building and they allow smoking in their offices? This is another, off topic, example of do as I say and not as I do governance.

I believe that we can reform health care in this country. What we need are health care professionals to do it, not idiot lawyers like the members of Congress. I would be more than happy to help them get it done because I have the knowledge and experience and I am beholden to NO lobby. The last thing we need is a guy like Kennedy trying to ram through ill conceived, expensive, stupid legislation. If they make me pay for someone else’s health care I will cancel my health care and go on the government care so i will still only be paying for my own.

As a matter of fact I might just refuse to pay for any increase in my taxes for this. It is not my job to take care of everyone else. I wish the damned members of Congress would stop inventing more ways to take my money. Every time they do I have to work harder to make investments to offset the additional taxes. Mr. Kennedy, keep your damned hands off my money and stop trying to socialize medicine. And while we are at it, what say we privatize Social Security so fewer people are indebted to you idiots?

How old is this guy? Any chance the Grim Reaper will visit him before he gets this passed? Hey Teddy, why don’t you and Patrick take a real long road trip. You can take turns driving. Might I recommend Coastal Highway in California?

Here is the story about Teddy the Boozer (he was such a hoochie coocher).

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3 Responses to “In a Word Senator Kennedy, NO!”

  1. Webloggin says:

    Is This What a Centrist Looks Like?…

    This is not centrist, it is socialism pure and simple and in my book that always means hard left. If they are going to propose it they at least need to call it by its real name.


  2. Robert P. says:

    I’m not going to fight with you about this, but wanted to present a few facts.
    1. About the wait. It ends up that Canadian medicine is really bad at something, updating their lists. There was a publication recently that looked at these “long waits” in Canada – which is only for elective surgery by the way, never urgent or emergency surgery. Anyway, they found that the long waiting lists had many people that decided not to do the surgery, had it elsewhere, died from other causes, etc. The wait for these people is averaged into the “long waits” you hear so much about. When they figured out the average wait for those who WANTED the surgery, it was about the same as in the US.
    2. Two-thirds of american health care costs are paid for by taxes and public subsidies.
    3. We leave 47 million Americans uninsured and 17 million underinsured.
    4. For two-thirds of what we pay per capita, many countries have a national health care plan that covers everyone. That means we are already paying for a national health care plan using public money (see #2), but that we are not getting it (see #3).

    You can disagree with government running things, but the fact is we could already have universal health care with no new taxes, just a redistribution of the PUBLIC money we already spend.


  3. Big Dog says:

    Robert, I certainly appreciate you writing here. The fact is, Canada has poor health care and poor waits. They can call it bad paperwork but it is not. Some of the elective surgeries are heart bypasses and other time critical items. Some of those folks died waiting to be seen and they died of the ailment.

    The only country that has a social medicine plan that works is France. It is costly but combines public with private.

    As for the uninsured. It is important to remember there are a number of people who can afford health care or to whom it is offered and they refuse it. That number has been reported at near 20 million. Health care in America costs a lot because of law suits. and a few other things.

    It is important to also remember that it is not the job of Congress or the taxpayer to provide health care coverage. This Public money you talk about is taxpayer money. I believe that if we are to have health care for everyone then everyone needs to pay for it. Let the uninsured be lumped together in groups so they can get a better rate. Stop requiring all kinds of BS in the packages and make them minimal. I refuse to pay for health care for the people who supposedly can not afford it. I guess when you have two cars and three cell phones it is tough to pay for health care. People are offered it and if they do not take it I should not have to pay for it.

    If the government requires this people who pay for their own will drop the insurance and sponge of the taxpayer. And, like I said before, it will cost way more than they are saying or can predict. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. How much more freaking money should they be able to take for me to pay for everyone else? I pay damn near 50% of my money in some form of taxes.

    What did people do before insurance. How about they take out a loan and pay it back. How about if they get health insurance I pay for I get to make them quit smoking and drinking and eating fatty foods. If I pay for it I should dictate the terms.

    Regardless of what you think or have been told, social medicine does not work. Why do so many Canadians try to come here for their health care?