Imus Admit, Sharpton A Hypocrite

Don Imus caught holy hell and lost his job because he uttered the phrase “nappy headed hoes” when talking about a basketball team of black women. Al Sharpton led the agitation brigade calling for Imus to be fired and pretty soon Imus was out of a job. It mattered not that Imus apologized directly to the women and that he admitted he should not have said it. None of it mattered because the race hustler Al needed another scalp to hang on his race baiting trophy rack.

This might be OK if Al was consistent in his views. Black kids murder black kids and Al does not care. White on black, well Al is rabble rousing the race brigade. Black person says the N word and Al is quiet (Jesse Jackson called blacks the N word saying Obama talked down to them) but let a white person say anything like it and all hell breaks loose.

The latest in the list of Al Sharpton hypocrisy is the way he dismissed the star witness in the Zimmerman prosecution, Rachel Jeantel who used the N word and then explained the difference between the word that ends with an “a” and the one that ends with “er”.

All this was OK with Al who claimed that this is just the way some of y’all talk.

Imagine if Imus had made the claim that this is just the way some folks talk? Imus stressed he was trying to make a joke and it turned out to be in very poor taste. Jeantel is running around discussing the N word and the appropriateness of its use and Sharpton is agreeing with her.

There has been no mention from Sharpton about Trayvon Martin’s use of the phrase “creepy ass cracka” which is a racist phrase. No, that must be OK in line with the way some of y’all talk.

It is amazing that Sharpton and the rest of the race hustlers along with the low information crowd are all focused on George Zimmerman and his statement to the dispatcher that these punks always get away with it. Zimmerman’s characterizations over the phone (none of which were even remotely racist) have been the subject of the race hustling crowd as proof that Zimmerman had hatred in his heart and profiled.

If I were to comment on Zimmerman’s words I would have to agree with Al;

That’s just the way some of y’all talk…

Ann Coulter has some sound advice regarding not being taken for a criminal

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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