O’Hare Invaded by ILLEGALS

Nearly two dozen people have been arrested and charged with crimes in an operation that involved ILLEGALS working at O’Hare airport. The ILLEGALS had security badges and were able to gain access to many areas of the airport. I am sure there are those who will say that these poor people meant no harm and were only looking for work. That might be true but they once again broke the law and this time the national security implications are even worse than their violation of our borders.

It is one thing to be able to sneak across hundreds of miles of unattended borders but to sneak into an airport that is supposed to have a high level of security raises a lot of concerns about just how secure we are. Perhaps these people meant no harm but if they did they would have had virtually unfettered access to anything they wanted to destroy and they could have put thousands of lives at risk. Fortunately, they were arrested as were their employers who developed the scheme that used phony Social Security numbers and ID badges. I hope the employers get a very long jail sentence.

I realize that we need to hold employers accountable and in this case, they are. I have often written that huge fines against employers who hire ILLEGALS would solve a lot of the problems (and increased pressure is working in some states). However, in this case the employers, or at least one of them, is suspected of being here ILLEGALLY. Since people who come here ILLEGALLY have no respect for the law it is not a stretch to say that ILLEGAL employers will have the same disregard as is clearly demonstrated in this case.

We need immigration reform and we can have it immediately by enforcing the immigration laws we have. We can make it a felony to be here ILLEGALLY (it is a felony when one is caught crossing the border ILLEGALLY but not when they are caught being here ILLEGALLY). We can also ensure that the United States Code that makes it every law enforcement agency’s job to enforce immigration law is followed. Police in all states need to be given the power to arrest and detain on the suspicion of being an ILLEGAL immigrant (in accordance with established code).

There are many other things that can be done but that would take politicians from their important jobs of running for office, seeking donations, and ruining the country.

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9 Responses to “O’Hare Invaded by ILLEGALS”

  1. Adam says:

    Let’s talk honest about immigration today and try to stay away from a “gotcha” state of mind.

    I think there would be grave consequences to having all law enforcement officials strictly enforcing immigration laws. I think an appropriate fear is that it will give them a pass on racial profiling and the targeting of minorities based on the assumption that they could be here illegally.

    What do you think? Do you perceive any negative side affects to such a thing?

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  3. Big Dog says:

    I can see abuse of police authority regardless of what they do. As for enforcing the law, the police are not allowed, for some reason, to deal with people they pull over or arrest because the feds say it is a federal job. The USC is clear that it applies to all law enforcement agencies.

    If a person is pulled over or is stopped for some reason there is no reason that a police officer should not be able to check the immigration status of that person. It is right to enforce the law.

    This is not a gotcha, there are examples all over the country and we need to enforce the law. I realize that we could not round up millions of people and deport them though if we could, I would. However, when we find them we need to send them home and if they commit a crime we need to put them in jail for a while first.

    We also need to enforce the 14th Amendment the way it was written by the authors which was that if you are a citizen of another country birth here does not make you a citizen. This is historical FACT and we need to enforce it.

    I do not care about families being divided and have no sympathy when they are sent home. They can take their damned kids with them. They broke the law. Americans are held accountable for breaking the law (except the Clintons) and we need to hold these people responsible for their illegal acts.

    We do not stop the police because they might profile. If a cop profiles we can handle it but to stop the whole process because a duly authorized officer might do something wrong is just stupid.

  4. Adam says:

    If you’ll toss my comment from this morning out of your spam filter you’ll see a link with some interesting opinion in it on this subject. I’d just post the link again here but it might get caught in the filter again. Check it out.

  5. Big Dog says:

    You better post it again. I went through 700 spams and did not find it…

  6. Adam says:

    Here is is. Maybe it won’t get filtered out this time. Opinions from State and Local Police Enforcement.

  7. Schatz says:

    I’m all for it – and I really think that State and Local law enforcement should accept this challenge rather than complain about taking on a federal burden. They get federal money, a little federal supporting should not be a big deal.

    I also think we should extend this to checking for immigration status on other things – like government benefits, healthcare, worksites where government permits are required (that’ll be a good one).

    Hell I’ll go around and check if they give me permission to send people back to where they belong. Of course, I have no doubt some will find my position heartless or even racist. I really don’t care – I’m sick of all this mess and think it’s high time we started enforcing our immigration laws like we do drunk driving laws and other public service laws.

  8. Adam says:

    I don’t think it’s racist, maybe slightly heartless, but mostly just short sighted of the reality of the situation. Out state and local law enforcement branches are just not structured to handle such an assignment. That’s why we need federal reform. They can’t just start checking for illegals at this point. Law enforcement would need more funds, more human resources, more facilities and transportation vehicles to handle taking in illegals. It’s not just as simple as saying, “Enforce the law.”

  9. Big Dog says:

    It is not difficult to check and see if a person is legal when they are checking for warrants and valid license or if the person is arrested. I am not saying that local cops should be patrolling for ILLEGALS, they have enough to do worrying about when the Krispy Kreme is open.

    We could take the cops on desk jobs and move them to law enforcement and instead of sitting at radar traps all day we could have them patrolling. They certainly have enough resources when they set up the sobriety check points (that I consider unconstitutional).

    Fact is, the locals are releasing people because they are either not allowed to check or are afraid to check. I know they check me out real good each time I get on a plane so I am sure they can check to see if a guy has overstayed a visa or is not supposed to be here.

    Federal reform has happened on a couple of occasions and each time has resulted in more amnesty and more ILLEGALS. That is why we have a problem. We were able to handle this 50 years ago, why not now? Like I said, we cannot round them all up but we can check on people and get rid of them as we find them. We can also force them to leave by fining employers $10,000 per ILLEGAL he is caught with working for him.

    There are ways to do it without federal reform. Also, I read your article. No wonder they do not want to do it. The feds will withhold funding and impose sanctions if they don’t do what the feds want. They should just have the authority to check and detain and ICE should be required to come get them when they are caught.

    I also don’t blame the police for not wanting to do it because the only people who go to jail are border patrol agents while the drug runners get immunity and free health care.