Immigration Reform Should Start At The Protests

There is legislation that would make being in this country illegally a felony. Of course all the people who are here illegally do not like that idea and all the politicians who the illegals illegally vote for also oppose it. The claim by the people who oppose the immigration reform is that these people are here to experience the American dream and that they deserve to be here. Well, when your first act in this country is the commission of a crime then you do not need to be here. You need to be placed on a bus and sent home, or we could send you to Club Gitmo, in any event illegals should not be given a free pass because they think it is their destiny to come to America.

I am all for immigration so long as it is done legally. I am tired of hearing supporters of the illegals telling the rest of us that our families were once immigrants. Let me clear it up for you, yes my family (except for the Native Indian part) were immigrants but they were LEGAL immigrants. My European ancestors came here on a ship and went through Ellis Island where they were screened for disease and checked to make sure they would be safe to allow entry to. My family came here LEGALLY and they did so from a lot farther away than Mexico.

Now we have Mexicans walking across the border like they own the place. They break the laws when coming in and some of them break the law by shooting at the border patrol. We have a process by which people enter this country and these illegals are not following it. I do not believe that the correct thing to do is to reward these people for their illegal behavior. In addition to entering here illegally, they obtain taxpayer funded services for which they do not pay. It is a burden on our system especially since many of these illegals are paid under the table and they send most of their money home. They are nothing more than leeches who suck the blood out of our economy and they should be dealt with quickly. In addition, the illegal infestation has allowed gangs like MS 13, a bunch of illiterate criminals who steal, kill, and rape just for fun to grow roots. We don’t need another organized group of criminals here, we already have labor unions to contend with.

There were protests today in many places like Los Angeles, Phoenix and Atlanta. Why on Earth didn’t the INS corral the protesters and check to see if they were here legally? We could have rounded up a bunch of illegals and shipped them home. Yep, they come here illegally, register to vote and vote for Democrats and then they protest when they do not get their way. No wonder the Democratic party is fighting so hard to keep them here and to make it easier for them to stay. Hillary Clinton will fight against making illegal entry a felony as will Harry Reid who threatened to filibuster the bill. You know, for people who tried to make us believe they were interested in our security with the Dubai Ports deal, they sure don’t give much thought to national security when it comes to illegal immigrants. Hillary even invoked the name of Jesus while talking about his. You suppose the ACLU will be after her for government sponsorship of religion?

I support the legislation that would make it a felony to be here illegally. I would add that any illegals caught here would have to submit fingerprints and DNA samples so we can ID them as repeat offenders when they sneak back in. I also think that if it is a felony to be here illegally we should put them in prison for a period of time before they get sent home. We will curb this illegal activity by punishing it, not by rewarding it.

Another thing that needs to happen is the companies that use these illegals need to be hit in the pocketbook. There are places like Home Depot and Lowes where these illegals stand around in the morning and construction companies come by and pick them up as day laborers. It is a source of cheap labor and it is illegal. If I wrote the bill it would require the owner of the company to spend 30 days in jail if his company used illegals. That would be on top of the $10,000 per worker fine that I would impose. A second offense would entail a longer jail sentence for the owner and suspension of his business license for 30 days. When businesses start feeling the pain of doing things illegally, they will comply.

The whole mess with immigration needs to be cleared up. I will say this, the last person on Earth I am going to listen to on this subject is some illegal protesting in a country where he does not have that right (the First Amendment does not apply to illegals.) and where he does not belong. I also want educated people discussing the debate, not some liberal who thinks the world owes him something:

“They’re here for the American Dream,” said Malissa Greer, 29, who joined a crowd estimated by police to be at least 10,000 strong. “God created all of us. He’s not a God of the United States, he’s a God of the world.”

Good point Malissa and since we are speaking for God, He put Mexicans in Mexico so who are we to change that? If God wanted them to be here they would have been born here or born with green cards. Since that is not the case they need to follow the correct procedures to get here and not just walk in like they own the place.

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One Response to “Immigration Reform Should Start At The Protests”

  1. Nightfighter says:

    I had the same thought Dog! Our agents could have made a lot of arrests at those protests and saved the honest taxpayers a lot of money by starting the deportations.