Immigration Policy Addition, Conscription!

Perhaps the President missed a golden opportunity last night. While he was talking gee whiz stuff like biometric cards the issue still presented itself as amnesty. The people who are here ILLEGALLY will get a free ride because, as some schmucks believe, they do jobs Americans won’t. I have a great addition to grant a sort of amnesty (stick with me) and plow a path to citizenship. The US Congress can pass a law that all ILLEGALS who are here must leave or they will be conscripted into the US Armed Forces. Of course old people and children will not be drafted but all others will. If they are rounded up and found unfit for duty, they get shipped home, regardless of how many kids they have, how many friends they have made, and regardless of how good of a human being they really are. Those who chose not to exit prior to conscription will not be allowed to opt out. When they are caught they will be placed on a bus to a military training center.

These draftees will get valuable job training and will be taught ENGLISH by the military. They will be subject to the laws of the Uniform Code Of Military Justice so if they screw up or go AWOL, bang, right into the stockade. These ILLEGALS will now be members of our armed forces and their first duty assignment after training will be one of the areas where we are currently engaged in combat. These are jobs that most Americans truly do not want to do. They will pull their duties and be sent back to the US for stateside duty. Maybe, in a twist of irony, they will be on border guard. In any event, they will serve a mandatory 6 year hitch. If they make it with an honorable discharge they can become a citizen. If they are wounded and released from service they will still be eligible for citizenship. Those who are released with a less than honorable discharge will be sent back home. Anyone killed in combat will get citizenship posthumously and their families can stay.

Now this is a plan that has many merits. It will give them job skills and teach them English. It will allow them to actually earn a place here and if they make it alive they will have shown they are willing to die to become a citizen. It will also give us more troops so that the moonbats can quit crying about the “strain” we are putting on our military and it will reduce the number of deployments. It also gives us an advantage of putting people who are use to crossing the hot desert into a hot desert. It is a win win all around.

Write Congress and tell them to start drafting a bill to conscript the ILLEGALS. They can call it the Americans Making Illegals Gain Ownership by Supporting Immigration (AMIGO-SI) act. Tough love baby, that is all that is needed.

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