Immigration Bill Will Rear Its Ugly Head Yet Again

The Senate will reintroduce the immigration amnesty bill sometime before the 4th of July in hope that enough Republicans have been badgered into signing America’s death warrant. The public outcry over this bill has been substantial and yet our elected leaders have refused to shelf this as most people want. These people refuse to secure the border, punish employers who hire ILLEGALS, and enforce our current immigration laws BEFORE they go granting blanket amnesty to millions of ILLEGALS and their ILLEGAL family members who are trying, and succeeding, in retaking areas that they believe to be rightfully theirs. We need to continue to put pressure on politicians who insist that this is the best they can do. If this is their best then they need to go the hell home and let others who can do the job take over.

Trent Lott, who had a great week last week by suggesting they take a vote of no confidence of Congress and that they dissolve Congress and wait until after the next election. If this immigration amnesty bill is an indication of the kind of hair brained schemes these idiots insist on introducing then he is right on the money. Trent also had another thing to say just today:

Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem. New York Times

I think the real problem for Lott is that talk radio is full of people who are pointing out the flaws in this bill and who are calling on listeners to call their Senators. Lott must long for the old day where bills were passed and damn near signed by the President before the public was aware. Now there are voices out there who refute the bogus claims that the Congress makes. With an approval rating lower then the President’s one would think Congress would try not to tick off a large portion of the population.

Here is what I have to say to Trent Lott. The problem is not talk radio running America and it does not need to dealt with. The real problem is that the Congress is failing to run America and we need to deal with that problem. I am pushing for every member of Congress who votes for this (now in the Senate and later in the House) to be removed from office in the next election. I am asking all Americans who are opposed to this kind of renegade leadership to vote someone else into Congress regardless of party. Party loyalty is great but loyalty to country is more important.

For those of you who have not read State of Emergency by Pat Buchanan, you need to buy it and read it cover to cover. If this book does not scare the hell out of you then you are too far gone to help. We are under attack and too many people, because of some fear they will be called a racist, are allowing it to happen.

I don’t care what they call me. I call myself a law abiding American.

If con is the opposite of pro, what is the opposite of PROgress?

Big Dog

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One Response to “Immigration Bill Will Rear Its Ugly Head Yet Again”

  1. Mike Bliss says:

    I am voting with you. Throw them all out and if I can’t hold my nose and vote for another party, I’ll merely leave the whole vote blank.