Immigrant Murders 12 Year Old Girl

An immigrant from Thailand who was convicted of child molestation in the past will be charged with the murder of a 12 year old girl who he abducted on July 4th as she watched the fireworks. Terapon Adhahn is accused of abducting Zina Linnik whose body was found by police after the suspect gave them information leading them to where he left her.

Adhahn should have been deported after his conviction for incest but, once again, Immigration was behind the eight ball and because they failed to do their job the Fourth of July will always be a tragic day for Zina’s family.

When are we as a society going to get our acts together and realize that these freaks can not be part of society and should not be allowed to live? When are we going to demand that our government do its duty and ensure that these kinds of people are not running our streets? They need to find this guy guilty and execute him and any judge or civil liberties lawyer who stops the execution for some BS “cruel and inhumane punishment” reason should be taken out and shot.

We need to make child molestation a death penalty offense with one appeal. After that appeal the child molester should be killed in the most horrific fashion possible. I prefer they be drawn, hanged, and quartered and then their body parts be incinerated. If we can not get this done then any judge who allows a convicted child molester to walk the streets should be executed if the pervert harms another child. It is time to hold the perverts and the judges as well as the rest of the government 100% accountable for their acts.

We can start by getting tough on child molesters and their enablers in government.

God bless this child’s soul and may He comfort her family.

Big Dog

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9 Responses to “Immigrant Murders 12 Year Old Girl”

  1. Virginia says:

    I certainly agree with you. This jerked hard at my heart, that poor child. I have raised three children and have grandchildren, can only imagine how the parent’s must feel, I will keep them in my prayers. Cowards’s target children. I think parent’s of these victims should be the ones to dish out the punishment for these perverts, since judge’s seem to be letting them off to easy. I myself , have always said, mess with my children, you got a big problem with me and I will never go away, and will make life not worth living for the person that does. Mess with my grandchild, one would have to have a death wish. It is a known fact, in or out of prison, perverts can be dealt with. I would love to be the Judge on cases like this.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I wouldn’t have the death penalty, I would make it life in prison, but in the general population, with no special protection. It wouldn’t cost the tax payer much, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t last any more than one or two days, I’m also fairly sure it wouldn’t be painless.

  3. ray says:

    Good article, permission to cross post on my blog?

  4. ray says:

    Good article Big dog thanks for raising the alarm about the complacency that’s gripping America as we sleep in our slumber our enemies plot our destrucion and our most vulnerable citizens , the children and elderly are massacred like sheep’s to the slaughter!

    Our leaders are comfortable in their slumber as long as it does not affect them directly but wait the day is coming because evil can not be appeased, negotiated with or ignored as it only grows stronger and more determined.

  5. Big Dog says:

    You may use it as you wish.


  6. Gavin Veasey says:

    I agree with you, this makes me sick to think that this has happened in are own government. We need to get are act together.

  7. Schatz says:

    What the eterally optimistic legal system refuses to learn and accept (to the great detriment of our children) is that pedophilia is a sexual preference, much like being hetero- or homosexual. I am not saying that these perverts, uh people, cannot help themselves because I do not believe that at all. What I am saying is that once they cross the line from fantasy about pedophilia to actually committing it, the chances for “rehabilitation” are next to none. They will most likely always have this preference and if they acted on it once and broke the law, molesting a child (or worse) you can almost bet they will continue to do so regardless of how much time they do or therapy they have.

    I like the idea of general pop for child molester’s in jail. Of course castration has a nice to ring to it as well …

  8. Jimmy says:

    Deserved though it sounds, I’m not entirely convinced that castration would end these peoples activities as I’m not totally convinced that paedophilia is a wholly sexual act. I think it may be more akin to rape, which experts now seem to believe to be more about power over another person.

    Even total removal of the genitalia might not stop some of them. As I don’t believe they can be rehabilitated, then total and permanent removal from society, through the death penalty or incarceration until death would seem to be the only answer we have at this time.

    I also feel that soothing societies sense of outrage is important so a liberal dollop of rank unpleasantness is also important. Stuff like this sticks in peoples minds for a long time otherwise. Take the case of the Moors Murders in the UK in the sixties (Google it, there’s plenty of info). They were given multiple life sentences, but in either protective imprisonment or in a psychiatric facility. Plenty of similar and worse cases have happened since but this one still sticks in the public’s mind with that same sense of outrage.

  9. Justifications says:

    it’s shame on how this heartless sick people get to walk on this earth with pride..children!!?
    why children, can’t they find somebody their own size!!..not that it would be alright but it would make sense more..