Imagine That, Negotiations Have not Worked

For a long time the bell has been sounded for negotiations with different countries. We were supposed to negotiate with Iraq instead of going to war. John Kerry made a big campaign issue about engaging the International Community. George Bush did not do that and is a bad man. All we had to do was listen. When North Korea launched a missile and exploded a nuke we were up in arms (pun intended) and rightly so. The left continued to remind us that while we were focused on Iraq North Korea and Iran got nukes. North Korea appears to be ready to negotiate an end to its program. This is likely due to the apparent failure of the nuclear test and pressure from China.

Iran, on the other hand, has failed to respond to the negotiations with the International Community. Iran has engaged in discussion while continuing to develop nuclear technology. Iran has balked at sanctions and complained about the violation of its right to own nuclear technology. The International Community now acknowledges that Iran’s attainment of nukes can not be stopped and that negotiations have failed.

In an admission of the international community’s failure to hold back Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the document – compiled by the staff of Javier Solana, EU foreign policy chief – says the atomic programme has been delayed only by technical limitations rather than diplomatic pressure. “Attempts to engage the Iranian administration in a negotiating process have not so far succeeded,” it states.

The article also goes on to state that “The problems with Iran will not be resolved through economic sanctions alone.”

Iran is hell bent on obtaining nuclear weapons. Those countries who were reluctant to impose tough sanctions have only themselves to blame. I have said all along that we should leave Iran alone like the left and the rest of the world wanted us to do. We have been told by Ahmadinejad that they are developing nuclear energy for peaceful use and that should be good enough. Then when those lying pieces of scum unveil a nuclear weapon and the world is shock and demanding action we can tell them to shut up and handle it themselves. We are further away than most places and they will be in danger before we will. Israel is capable of aggression on its own behalf and can cripple Iran. Since Israel is Iran’s first target we should assume that Israel is ready to take matters in its own hands.

This is what happens when we appease tyrants. This is what happens when everyone in the world wants to make nice. If you take these Muzzies at their word you are committing suicide. They will lie to your face and then attack you when they have an advantage. They will kill you so they can take over your country. We should target about 10,000 spots in Iran and lock As many missiles as we have on those targets. If Iran threatens anyone with a nuke we should launch all 10,000 missiles at the same time and obliterate their country.

Code Pink, the Democrats, CAIR, and the rest of the Muzzie appeasers can go pound sand in a posterior orifice.

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