Imagine that, I Actually Agree with Al Sharpton

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I do not care for Al Sharpton because he is a race baiting poverty pimp.I believe that he only takes up causes that will get him in the spotlight and when a black person is the victim. He ignores non blacks in the same situations and to top it off he incites riots where people get killed. However, he wrote a letter to the DNC with regard to the delegates from Florida and Michigan. In the letter, Sharpton stated:

Some have said that not seating delegations from Florida and Michigan disenfranchises Democratic voters — especially African American voters — from those two states. That claim, if true, should have been made many months ago before the decision was made to strip these states of their delegates, and, once the decision was made, it should have been vigorously objected to and contested by those who felt it disenfranchised voters. To raise that claim now smacks of politics in its form most raw and undercuts the moral authority behind such an argument. Drudge

I don’t know how it would particularly disenfranchise blacks in Florida but he is right in the overall assessment. They took a decision many months ago and they have to live by that decision. People who are objecting should have done so back then. Of course, Sharpton is motivated by the fact that his candidate, Barack Star Obama, is in the lead and he does not want that taken away. If Obama were behind but had won those states, Sharpton would want them seated. Hillary, for her part, is now trying to get the delegates seated because she is losing. She did not protest before because she thought she would have won it all by now.

I have no dog in that fight because I am not a Democrat but as an observer I will say that they made rules that stated if a state held its primary before February 5th then that state would lose its delegates (except the two usual starter states). Florida and Michigan were warned and they did it anyway which means they should have to live by the rules. If candidates did not agree then they should have been talking about it when the decisions were taken (why were some of the others allowed to go early).

Having said that, I would not be surprised to see the DNC reverse course and allow the delegates. This would give Hillary a big lead and she might pull off the nomination. That would fracture the Democratic party and many Obama supporters would stay home or jump ship on election day. The Democrats always have inventive ways to lose elections and it would not surprise me if the party elite decided to do this to help the Queen get to the throne.

Personally, I would like to see just that take place.

I would also ask the media and all the other nitwits who said George Bush was not a legitimate president if that would make Hillary an illegitimate nominee. After all, she would be selected, not elected and that has been the cry of the left for nearly eight years.

Hillary cannot get enough delegates to win outright but she might do well in several large delegate states. If so, neither will win the required number and the convention will be brokered. That is when the bloodbath will begin and it will be quite a bit of fun to watch.

Big Dog

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8 Responses to “Imagine that, I Actually Agree with Al Sharpton”

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  4. Debbie says:

    I heard someone on Fox say that there should be new caucuses for these states to allow them a chance to voice their choice. Sounds like sour grapes to me. I’m with Al Sharpton (never thought I would say that). Al’s not as loony as Jessie Jackson is.

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